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Top 10 banks in United states

Top 10 banks in United states

There are so many stories told about the existence of banking. Some say it started in the times of the first man who kept his treasured possession buried in the secrets of the soil. When such an item is to be exchanged, he collects one leg of the shoe of his buyer as evidence of payment.

The real story started as early as the times of the prototype banks that supported famers and sellers by rendering grain loans to them in 2000BC India.Other countries who adapted this system were Ancient Greece, Assyria and Summeria.

Later on, Italy developed the banking system by building branches of banks around Northern Europe in the 15th and 16thcentury.All of the histories of banking all had one motive which was to sustain lives and properties, support businesses and build the society to a comfortable level.

A lot of countries have adapted the importance of banking because of its benfit to the growth of the society including The United States of America.

The United States of America is known to be the most developed country and I will be sharing with you the top 10 banks in the United States.

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1. JPMorgan Chase& Co
2. Wells Fargo & Co
3. Bank of America Corp
4. Citigroup Inc
5. U.S. Bancorp
6. Truist Financial Corporation
7. PNC Financial Services Group Inc
8. TD Group US Holdings LLC
9. Bank of New York Mellon Corp
10. Capital one Financial Corp

1. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

This unique bank has reached various cities in the United States raising their counts to over 2000 branches including more than 15,000 ATMs. Majority of American citizen patronizes Chase bank. With assets worth over $2 trillion.Their headquarters is situated in New York.

2. Wells Fargo & Co

Compared to JPMorgan, they have considered limiting branches, but it has not stopped them from being known with more branches in the states and assets worth more than $1 trillion.
Founded in the 80’s,they have chosen to be unique by adding both a saving and a mobile banking app for convenience. Their headquarter is at Sans Francisco.

3. Bank Of America Corp

This well-known bank has served over 60 million citizens. With their digital involvement, they have supported various businesses.Their assets worth over $2.26 trillion.

4. Citigroup Inc.

With an asset worth over $1.5 trillion and more than 500 branches,they have met the needs of their U.S citizens and even beyond the country. Their headquarter is located at New York.

5. U.S. Bancorp

This bank is known to be the father company of U.S bank and ranked the 5th commercial bank. It was formerly known as the First National bank. Its assets is up to $544.77 billion.


6. Truist Financial Corporation

This corporation is the merging of BB&T and SunTrust. They financially provide banking services to local businesses in the country.

7. PNC Financial Services Group Inc

This bank has been able to achieve a lot since its establishment. They have surpassed regional target and expanded across Washington D.C. Their asset is over $300 billion.

8. TD Group US Holdings LLC

This bank has enabled customer get mortgages and bank services at their conveniences. With over 1000 bank branches. They have met their customers’ satisfaction to 100%. Their headquarter is located at Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

9. Bank Of New York Mellon Corp

This bank began trading in the New York stock exchange. They deal in partnership with corporation and private individuals. Their assets is worth over $300 billion.
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10. Capital One Financial Corp

This bank has gone further to have coffee shops and café where they are much closer to their customers and they can open an accounts with free internet connectivity and also enjoy their services without going to the actual bank. Their assets worth more than $300 billion.


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