10 Practical Ways to Save Money-Simple Tips

The saying about saving money for the rainy day is valid advice. You’d agree with me that that there are times in our lives when we’d need money urgently, either a large sum or a small sum and your saving grace would be some money you kept somewhere or with a person.

Savings will always come through in rainy days and on good days too. Below are 10 ways to save money.

  1. Start Investing

If there’s anytime when its best to invest it is now. Investments are the new goldmines. With investments you’d enjoy a percentage of ROI weekly or monthly depending on the type of investments and your contract agreement. But before investing, be sure to know as much as you can on what you’re investing in.

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  1. Open a savings account with a high yield

There are accounts that you can earn money on just by keeping your money in them. A lot of people don’t bother about doing researches on the accounts they’re using. If you think you’re earning a good rate on your savings right now, you can probably earn better rates. Carry out your research on the interest rates on different accounts and convert to the best one.

  1. Think deep before making a big purchase

Before buying something that cost a lot ask yourself if you really need it, can you afford it? Is it urgent? If you ask yourself these questions every timeyou want to make a big purchase, you’d save yourself a lot of money.

  1. Get free credit scores

Your credit score can affect a lot of things like whether or not you get a loan approval or you’re hired for a job. All in all, it doesn’t hurt to know your credit score. Though some company will demand payment for your credit score, some will pay you for it. Find the ones who will pay you for it and save yourself some cash.

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  1. Have a budget

Having a budget helps with money management. With it, you become mindful of the things do with your money.

  1. Have fun while saving money

Join money saving challenges. You can also start a savings alongside your friends, family or colleagues. Make it so that the person with the highest


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