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Glo telecom: How to Borrow Data and Airtime “Recharge card”

Glo telecom: How to Borrow Data and Airtime “Recharge card”

Glo Nigeria second biggest network subscriber  has disclosed that customers can now borrow data and airtime when they run out  and pay back  from their next recharge credit.

With Glo Unlimited Borrow Me Data, you can borrow data when your data bundles are exhausted and pay back on your next recharge.  This service allows active Glo prepaid subscribers who meet the eligibility criteria borrow airtime and data.

Please note:You will be charged 15% transaction fee for borrow me data service and Airtime.

How do I get to be eligible for Glo  borrow me credit and Data  service?

You need to have been a loyal and consistent subscriber on Glo for at least 3 months and have a good usage history.Also you must have an unpaid Loan before you can qualify.

How to apply for  Glo borrow me credit and Data?


To apply for Glo borrow me credit and data  kindly Dial *321# A prompt will be sent to you for confirmation.

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How do I borrow  Glo  Airtime?

You can borrow online or by dialing *321#. Both methods will provide you with the amounts you qualify for. To get specific denominations use the following short codes:

• *321*50# for N50

• *321*100# for N100

• *321*200# for N200

• *321*500# for N500

• *321*1000# for N1000

How do I borrow  Glo data?

You can borrow data online on the Glo website or by dialing *321#, this will provide you with the amounts you are eligible to borrow. Try either pf these 2 options and follow the menu options. You can make use of Glo Borrow me data to browse the Internet,

What happens if I don’t repay my loan?

You will not be able to access the Service until you pay back the entire amount owed and it will adversely affect your credit rating which is important for qualifying for higher amounts in future.


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