May 18, 2022
Airtel Nigeria

How to borrow Airtel Nigeria data and Airtime

Nigeria telcomunication company Airtel has unveiled Airtel Credit Loan Service which allows all Prepaid Customers with registered SIM borrow data when they run out and pay back later. 15% service charge applies

The service ensure that customer’s never run out data when they browsing the web or checking their email and social media.

To know if you are qualify, simply check your eligibility through *500#. Ineligible customers who try to use Data CLS will be prompted to recharge at least N100 monthly to qualify.

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Steps to Borrow Data from Airtel Nigeria

To borrow data when you run out as a Prepaid Airtel Customers simply :Dial *500# or *121# from your Airtel mobile number.
2. Select option 3 for Borrow data.
3. Select how much data you want to borrow

Terms and Conditions

1.Your Airtel line must be registered and actively used for calls
2.You have to be actively using your number for the period of 90 days
3.Airtel expects and active line be recharged constantly
4.You must not have an unpaid Extra Credit airtime
5.15% service charge will be deducted

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How to Borrow Airtel Airtime

The Airtel Extra Credit which also know are Borrow Airtime allows all Prepaid Customers with registered SIM to borrow airtime when they run out.

The service allow Airtime subscribers to reload their phone with Airtime for calls during an emergency . It also allows subscribers to borrow airtime that can be used for all chargeable Airtel services.

Customers will have to pay back on their next recharge with a 15% service charge except for the N25 loan which has a service charge of 20%.

How to borrow Airtel Airtime recharge card

You will be required to send a request through a short code; *500# which will provide you with all the denominations of airtime available to borrow. To get specific denominations dial: *500*amount#.

How To Check Your Data Balance On Airtel Network

Checking your data balance on Airtel is very simple and easy, simply dial *140# on your Airtel number and wait for an SMS including all the details about your data plan


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