May 17, 2022

How to share MTN Data and Airtime with family and friends

MTN Nigeria Data Gifting and Share and Transfer Airtime all subscriber transfer data from their active data balance to friends and family, buy data for friends/family, and request data from your friends. In essence, you can use the service to send and buy data bundles for other smart phones, modems and tablets.

1. MTN share Data

Customers can only transfer data twice daily. However, the cumulative amount they can transfer at a given time and in a day is 100MB. You can buy any data plan multiple times for your beneficiary except XtraValue plans.

The amount of data you can transfer at a time are 10MB, 50MB, and 100MB. However, you must ensure you have at least 50MB in your data balance after every transfer for your transfer to be successful.

subscribers can transfer from as low as N50 and a maximum of N100000 in a day. However, the maximum amount per transaction is N5000. BetaTalk and Yanfun Yafun users are not eligible to share airtime. Bonus airtime cannot be transferred.

Now you can share your credit with friends and families or make quick money selling credit from your phone with MTN Share.

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What is MTN Dash Me Data?

This is known as Request from a Friend is a service that allows you to initiate a data request to a friend asking him/her to buy a data bundle on your behalf. By this, you are the beneficiary requesting for data from a sponsor who is your friend that is willing to pay for the bundle.

How to transfer MTN Data

to transfer data to family and friends,Simply dial *131*7#, select the action from the menu that would be displayed;

Transfer from Data Balance
Buy for a Friend
Request from a Friend

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How To check balance of the gifted data bundle,

The following channels can be used:
SMS: Text 2 to 131
USSD: Dial *131*4#
View Pending Request


2. MTN Share Airtime

MTN Share is an airtime transfer service that customers can use to share airtime directly from your MTN number to other MTN numbers. With MTN Share you can top-up friends and family’s accounts hassle-free. MTN Share can be used by prepaid and postpaid customers free of charge.

There must be sufficient airtime on your account before you can successfully share airtime. Postpaid customers can only transfer airtime when their account is positive, not negative. For instance, you would not be able to transfer credit when you have N-500.00.

To prevent unauthorized use of MTN Share on your account, there is a PIN feature. Before initiating a share, you have to change the default PIN to your unique four-digit. It can be done either by SMS or USSD code.

How to Changing MTN Share PIN Using SMS

Subscribers can change their pin in two ways either on sms or ussd code. both is explained below.

SMS: In your text message, type ‘Current PIN Unique PIN Unique PIN’ and send it to 777. For example ‘0803 0703 0703# and send to 777 where 0803 is your current PIN. 0703 then becomes your new PIN.

USSD CODE: Changing MTN Share PIN Using USSD Code

Simply dial *600*Current PIN*New PIN*New PIN#. For instance *600*0803* 0703*0703#. 0703 then becomes your new PIN. Also, you can dial *777*2# > Current PIN > New PIN > New PIN to change your MTN Share pin.

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How to Transferring Airtime on MTN Share

You can transfer Airtime via your MTN line in four difference process as adumbrated below.

1. In an SMS type ‘Transfer MTN Phone number Amount PIN#. For example ‘Transfer 08060000000 500 0099# and send to 777. Send ‘Yes’ to 777 to confirm the transaction. This transfers N500 from your MTN line to 08060000000.

2. Dial *600*08060000000*500*0099#. This transfers N500 from your MTN line to 08060000000.

3. Dial *777*1# > Recipient’ Number > Amount > PIN
myMTN app > Sender’s phone number > OTP > Recharge > MTN Share > Amount > PIN > Receiver’s MTN Number > Proceed.

4. > Sender’s phone number > OTP > Recharge > MTN Share > Amount > PIN > Receiver’s MTN Number > Proceed.


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