May 17, 2022

How to share Airtel data and transfer Airtime to family and friends

Are you searching for basic steps to share your Airtel data and Airtime with your family member and friends and you don’t know how to do it?

This process for Airtel Data Me2U (aka Data Share) is not difficult transfering data and Airtime from your existing data and Airtime allowance to another Airtel customer. Recipient can be another customer.

Share data with another Airtel customers

The The shared data will have the same validity as the original data and subscribers can share a maximum of 200MB data to one person with a maximum of 2 recipients daily. This means that you can share a maximum of 200MB each with 2 recipients daily.

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One good things about Airtel data sharing, it work fine for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

The recipients of Data Sharing/Gifting do not need to pay for the data or bundle received because the sender has already paid for it.

Please note: Airtel Default PIN is 1234, accessibly via *141#; and  this PIN must be changed before sharing and transferring can occur

How to share Airtel data

To share/transfer data, simply dial *141# and select the option for Gifting or Me2U.

On the other hand,Airtel Data gifting allows subscribers to buy a data bundle plan for another customer by paying with your own airtime. For example, if your friend/family runs out of data, you can just buy another data plan for the person.

To gift data, simply dial *141# and select the option for Gifting or Me2U.

Airtel Airtime Transfer

With Airtel me2u subscribers can send or share Airtime from their account to another Airtel user account. Airtel prepaid customers are eligible for this service, all Airtel prepaid tariff plans are allowed and you can transfer limited times every time, as there is no limitation.

How to change Airtel default transfer pin

By default, all Airtel pin come with 1234 which you need to change to avoid other users stealing your airtime

to get start, type in PIN 1234 New PIN as a text message and send it to 432

Example: Send the message like this PIN 1234 8177 to 432. please note the 1234 is the default pin why the 8177 is your desire new pin you intend to use as your new pin.

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How to transfer airtime on Airtel

To quickly transfer airtime from Airtel to Airtel, dial *432*AIRTELNUMBER*AMOUNT# and send. (e.g. 080X XXX XXXX).

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a. Dial *432# – Which will display (Welcome to Airtel Me2U)

b. Choose 1 (Airtel to Airtel)

c. Now enter the Airtel number you wish to transfer airtime to

d. Enter your PIN (4-digit transfer pin)

e. Select 1 for confirmation.

Transferring Airtime or credit from your Airtel to another subscriber on Airtel is quick, but that does not mean you don’t a unique 4-digit pin, and you have to learn how to get yours.


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