May 18, 2022

How to enroll for UBA USSD, transfer money, and check statement of account

UBA USSD – Are you a UBA customer, you wish to enroll and start using the USSD for your transactions like; send money to friends, family and business associates, check your statement of account real time?

If the above appears like you, sit back and read this guide. I have detailed every salient point you do not need to miss going into this piece.

UBA is one of the commercial banks in Nigeria that always ensures its customers have the best spoke experience while carrying out transactions across its channels.
In this light, I want to show you how you can start enjoying the the UBA USSD for your transactions. By the way, how do you get to discuss “USSD” without understanding the acronym itself?

What is UBA  “USSD” *919#?

USSD as used in this context means “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.”
This is a means through which financial institutions with the help of telecommunication companies make financial services available to their customers.

The beauty of the “USSD” service is that a customer does not require IOS, or android operating systems to access this service, not even data connection is required. You can access the service from the smallest mobile phone with limited functions, so long the mobile network is connected.

What you can do with the UBA USSD

There are several transactions you can accomplish with the UBA USSD service without visiting the bank, it’s an invention against crowd banking itself as such you should take advantage of it.

These transactions include but not limited to;

Fund transfer, you can transfer and receive money in your bank account using this service
1.  Airtime top-up, and data purchase
2.  Payment for TV services like Gotv, Startimes, DSTv, etc.
3.  Bill payment
4. Cash withdrawal,
5. Check account balance


Basically, before you get onboard this service

It’s required that you have a UBA account number (savings/current)
You should have an ATM card linked to your account above

There should be a mobile line duly linked to your account, from here the telco and the bank reach a compromise to serve you at a cost now pegged at N6.98 per transaction
Finally, you should have a mobile phone device, not necessarily android or IOS operating system.

How to activate/enroll on the UBA USSD service

Step 1. From your registered line, dial *919# ; recall, this is the line linked to your UBA bank account duly inserted in your mobile phone.

Step 2. From the list of pop-up options select “1” which infers to register for UBA USSD service as seen on your mobile device. In the next slide you will have to select from two options; 1) register with an existing ATM card with PIN, or 2) register with your account number and PIN.

Either way in this process, you will need to have a prepared card to which PIN is being required at both ends. Hope it’s clear enough? Good.

Step 3. In the next column, you will have to enter your UBA bank account number, subsequently followed by the last 4-digit number on your UBA card.

Note: Take a look at the back of your UBA ATM card, you will see a set of 16-digit PAN number engraved on the card. This is where you are expected to pick the last 4-digit number, hope that’s clear at this time? Good.

Step 4. In the next slide, enter and confirm the PIN for the UBA Mobile banking service to finally activate your USSD service.

Congratulations, you have successfully joined the league of customers who can used the UBA USSD service to their advantage at any point.Having onboard successfully, it’s time to leverage the USSD service to your benefits.

How to send money with the UBA USSD

To send money with a USSD usually comes in two basic functions; where you are looking to send money to a UBA account, and when you intend to send to a non UBA bank account.

I will show you how you can perform each of the listed tasks successfully without hitches whatsoever.

a. How to transfer money to UBA account
Simply dial *919*3*Account number*Amount# and hit the send button.
b. How to send money to other bank account
Dial *919*4*Account number*Amount#

How to check the UBA statement of account

If you wish to know the state of affairs with your bank account, you will need to fall back to your account statement. Here, the bank furnishes you with the true state of affairs as it concerns your account

In the past, to access your account statement you must visit the branch, however in today’s banking that has changed. Statement of account can be accessed online using a number of alternate channels like the mobile and internet banking platforms.

Log in to any of these platforms, locate the statement of account icon, select the preferred date and hit the proceed to generate your account statement at once.

UBA USSD can be used for a number of transactions, it makes banking seamless, and ideal for every class of customers.

Are there concerns you’d wish we help out with? Share your experience with us let’s get it sorted.



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