May 18, 2022

How to Enroll For UBA Bank USSD, Transfer Money, and Check Bank Statement

USSD correctly is the current trend that has come to stay, revamping the face of banking, with practically everyone coming on board with this digital development that has brought about convenience and flexibility with money, with UBA bank Nigeria USSD code, queuing, waste of time, stress, withdrawal issues, and even contact of the deadly Covid 19 is totally voided and further enhancing the boss in you.

The UBA mobile banking USSD code is hugely significant in making quick transactions with your bank account from any preferred location however to access this service there are things you need to have in place for a seamless and effective usage

You typically need to invariably have a bank account with UBA Bank

  • Have a debit card, with verve, visa, or master card acceptable.
  • Have the mobile app on your phone.
  • Your sim card is registered and inserted into a smartphone for present and future verifications.

UBA bank branches are available nationwide, you can typically walk into any of its distinct branches to get started. Once you get that sorted out, you are ready to explore and do more with your UBA bank especially with the unique USSD


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  • To effectively activate your UBA bank Nigeria USSD code, kindly follow this cognitive process
  • Have your registered sim card inserted into your mobile device, ensure it is the telephone number linked to your BVN and account number
  • Dial *919# to get started
  • There will be an instant notice with many viable options, select option “1” to start your registration for UBA USSD code service
  • The next pop up on the screen will adequately provide you two options which are to properly register using a prepaid card with a pin or account number with a pin
  • Select either of the options which depends on your choice.
  • Input your UBA account number.
  • Enter the last four digit of your UBA debit card
  • Input your optional referral ID.
  • Input your preferred choice of pin for UBA mobile banking activation.
  • Input the pin again for confirmation and click on the Send button to activate the UBA USSD

Once you follow these process, you are 100% ready to enjoy UBAUSSD banking


How to Enroll For Access Bank USSD, Transfer Money, and Check Statement of Account


How to promptly transfer money

There are two preferred methods of sending money with UBA bank, one is with the UBA mobile app or the USSD code both are seamless and takes just seconds to use. To properly use the UBA bank USSD code for money transfer, simply do the following for a transfer to UBA bank

  1. Dial *919# and gently press the number 2 on the registered mobile phone number you used to open the bank
  2. You will get a pop-up notice on the screen, enter the beneficiary account number
  3. Enter the amount you genuinely want to send to the beneficiary
  4. Enter your UBA transfer pin code to instantly confirm the transaction.


UBA USSD transfer to other banks

  • dial *919# to begin
  • Choose the preferred option of direct transfer to other banks
  • Input the beneficiary account number press okay
  • Enter the amount you ideally want to transfer
  • Enter your UBA transfer pin to validate the transfer
  • Lastly, click the enter option to complete the process.

To use the easier route, simply dial *919*4*account number* amount# and press enter, then input your 4 digit transaction pin for a successful transfer. A debit message will indicate a successful carry out of a transfer

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 How to check Bank statement

You don’t have to typically visit the bank anymore to retrieve your bank statement. This can be done from the comfort of your home, as UBA bank, not only guarantees you financial security but a platform to properly tailor your expenses to suit your needs. To undoubtedly enjoy this, simply do the following.

Log into your UBA mobile banking app, select statements from the left menu and the required account, select the statement number and desired date, and promptly proceed to print at the top. Right-click your statement and save it as a PDF.

The remarkable versatility in UBA is brilliant and quite laden with codes that naturally make banking so easy, let’s share some of the UBA mobile banking codes

Check balance *919#

Pay bills *919*5#

ATM withdrawal *919*30*amount#

Top up for others *919*amount#

Top up for others *919*2*phone number*amount#

The world is digitally advancing, with every industry keying into the progressive change in its way of life; it is, therefore, imperative that the banking sector adapt to suit the never-ending demand of society. With the necessary introduction of the USSD code by UBA Bank, you undoubtedly have the unique key to unlocking financial possibilities.

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