May 18, 2022

How to Enroll For Zenith Bank USSD, Transfer Money

Zenith USSD code is designed specifically and quite different from other banking USSD code, and allow you access funds via your phone without stress.

Having the finance to cover your expenses at every moment is tremendously good especially with zenith bank

The introduction of the USSD allows every transaction readily available at the palm of your hand.

You can transfer funds with speed, check your account balance without fuss, buy airtime pay for acquisitions, and more effortlessly with zenith bank USSD

In this article, you will get a breakdown on the usage of Zenith USSD and enjoy banking with zenith

How to enroll Zenith Bank for USSD code

You can use Zenith bank USSD code by ensuring that your telephone number is the one registered with your Zenith bank and can be accessible by the bank for SMS and authentication.

You should have account number and your registered sim card inserted in the device you intend to use, then proceed with the following steps.

  • Simply dial *966*00# with your Zenith bank registered number
  • You will be asked to provide the last 4 digits of your debit card
  • The next page will pop up with your account name and you will have to create a 4 digit pin
  • Confirm the four-digit pin and you are ready to use the Zenith bank USSD code

You can see that with these steps, it’s quite easy to use Zenith bank USSD code

Pin rest

In case you forgot your USSD 4 digit personalized pin, don’t be scared, just dial *966# and click on option 7 which will take you to rest options.

Choose 3, which is reset USSD pin and choose a personalized 4 digit pin, try to make a transfer or purchase and you are good to go.

Benefits of using Zenith bank USSD code

  • You can transfer money to family and friends
  • For payment of electricity, school fees, etc.
  • Checking of the account balance
  • Airtime recharge

How you can transfer funds to Zenith bank

You can transfer money from your Zenith bank using USSD or zenith app mobile app within minutes

For Zenith USSD, simply dial *966* amount*recipient account number# and dial, afterward input your 4 digits personalized pin to authorize the transfer.

For the mobile app, log into your Zenith mobile banking app, input your registered telephone number and password.

Follow the boxes by inputting beneficiary bank details, amount you want to disburse, the reason for sending.

Finally, input your 4 digits personalized Zenith bank mobile app pin and send it.

How to check zenith bank statement of account

You can check your Zenith bank account statement by download the mobile banking app from the play store or Appstore

Sign in to your account after you must have registered and click on the history

Select email statement, date, and send. The file will be sent to your email address giving you access to download





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