May 18, 2022
how to apply for First bank salary advance

How to Enroll For First Bank USSD, Transfer Money, and Check Statement of Account

With the help of smartphones, banks have discovered the best way to bring customers closer to banking with the First bank USSD. With absolutely no monthly subscription required, internet connections, airtime purchase, and registration fee, you can now transfer funds. Pay bills, invest in a business, and make a necessary payment seamlessly and swiftly without visiting the bank or breaking a sweat.

The First bank USSD is free and requires no extra charges. You can pay for flight tickets, pay for movies at the cinema, place online orders from any industry, book seat for yourself in an event, renew your Netflix subscription, top-up your data and airtime, get urgent cash in loans, make a transfer to family and friends, pay for your electricity bills,

The first bank USSD code *894# allows you do anything from anywhere, anytime and any day within seconds. The first bank in Nigeria offers excellent mobile banking, with one code providing unlimited options to perform anything with money. If you are looking for speed, then don’t look past the first bank USSD code.

If there is anything you require to perform at present, it is to hoop into the group of first bank USSD users as it liberates you from;

  • Extended hours of a bank queue
  • Physical bank deposit
  • Resolving of minor transaction issues
  • Payment of fees and purchases

Without further delay, let’s briefly look at what you require to enroll for the first bank USSD service.

  1. A mobile phone
  2. Registered telephone number linked to your bank
  3. Functional account number with the First bank
  4. Debit card

How to enroll for the First bank USSD

Once you possess this sorted, the further steps are:

  1. Dial *894*0# with your phone number linked to your account
  2. The next screen will display all debit cards linked to your account
  3. Choose your preferred debit card for the transfer code and proceed with activation.
  4. Input the four-digit pin of your debit card.
  5. Create a first-time 5 digit pin for your first bank mobile banking account.
  6. Confirm your new pin to sufficiently complete the activation process

How to make a transfer

Once you have performed with the above processes, and you want to start enjoying the first bank USSD services, just do the following.

  • Dial *894*amount*account number#
  • Confirm the amount you intend to send
  • Input your five digits first bank pin created in your registration
  • Select the specific account you want the debit to occur
  • Send

How to check a bank statement

Simply dial *894*account number# with the telephone number linked to your first bank account

How to check account balance

The shortcode for checking account balance is *894*00#. You can also check your balance via your first bank mobile app by simply logging into your first monie mobile app. First bank Nigeria USSD service is the most secure, easy, and convenient app to send money. Do you want to enjoy value for money? Connect with the First bank USSD family today and be unlimited.

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