May 17, 2022

How to Enroll for Fidelity USSD, Transfer Money and Check Bank Statement

Do you desire money quickly? Are you tired of the considerable stress that typically comes with bank queues? Having network issues or urgently want to send money to a dear friend or your subscription has finished and you finding it difficult to renew? Don’t worry, it is a thrilling time as fidelity bank has created answers to all your financial needs and lingering monetary questions. With the excellent introduction of fidelity bank ussd, there is the capacity to fulfill your goals, reach financial freedom and your dreams without difficulty.

Fidelity bank ussd grants you the option to typically do
1. Get loans or account opening.
2. Pay for school fees
3. Check your account balance within seconds.
4. Pay for house rents
5. Purchase household goods
6. Go on an exquisite date.
7. Check your bank statement and account balance.
8. Purchase airtime and bill payments like PHCN, DSTV
9. Book flight tickets and so more
Fidelity bank ussd is the best easy access to funds. The remarkable part is you don’t even need an internet connection or have to go through the rigors of visiting the bank, all you simply need is the *770# fidelity bank USSD code. This article will succinctly provide profound insight to you on how to thoroughly enjoy the fidelity bank ussd service. To get started, just follow the guide below.
How to enroll for fidelity bank USSD
Dial *770*00# on the telephone number linked with your fidelity bank account, there will a prompt request for the last 4 digits of your debit card and create a unique four-digit pin that you will use to confirm the following transactions on your fidelity bank and confirm. You can also reset your four-digit transaction pin by dialing *770*01# with the registered fidelity bank telephone number and create a new four-digit password.
How To Make A Transfer
To perform a transfer from your fidelity bank using USSD, simply dial *770*account number*amount and send, will, in addition, have to input your four-digit pin to confirm the transaction, you can use this method for a transfer to another fidelity bank or other banks, example *770*0072346355*1000# and the four-digit pin “1990” and confirm.
To Check Account Balance Using Fidelity Bank USSD
Checking your fidelity bank account is considerably easy and accessible within seconds, just dial *770*0# and follow the instructions displayed on your screen to receive your balance. Ensure you use the telephone number registered with your fidelity bank and additionally note that your four-digit pin will be required for the procuring of your balance. You can also check your account balance via the fidelity bank mobile app. To perform this, promptly download the fidelity mobile banking app from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore, after download, register on the app with all the necessary details and proceed to check your balance after your registration is confirmed.
How to check your Wema bank statement
Checking of your bank statement can be done on your fidelity bank mobile app, simply log into the app after registration, you will see several options, choose a statement and the period you are requesting, confirm with your pin and the electronic statement will be sent your email.
Fidelity Bank is giving you the opportunity to potentially achieve anything you desire with the USSD code, get started today, and enjoy more out of your money.

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