May 17, 2022

How to Enroll For Wema Bank Ussd, Transfer Money and Your Bank Statement

There is no better way to set out your morning than with a smile and immense energy to end the day with a flourish, most times the reason possesses absolutely everything you constantly wanted and that’s why Wema bank represent absolutely the bank for you, adding spice to your personality and ensuring you are financially secured 24/7 with its USSD service. Wema Bank USSD is one of the most secure, convenient, accessible, and reliable means of performing any transaction. From Nigeria, you can attain the other sphere of the globe, the Wema bank ussd has noticeably taken banking to the apex level, breaking boundaries and nullifying financial limits, you can instantly send sufficient money to your family and satisfy your cravings, guess what? With the Wema bank USSD, an internet connection is not needed, isn’t that ideal?

Wema Bank USSD has typically taken banking to your doorstep, you don’t have to visit the bank anymore and you can achieve the following from the comfort of your home.

  1. Pay for bills like taxes and PHCN
  2. Promptly check your account balance
  3. Purchase goods and needed services
  4. Subscribe and renew entertainment platform
  5. Buy airtime for others and more.

Wema bank official USSD code is *945#. With the unique code, you can carry out daily banking engagements with apparent calm and from the luxurious comfort of your home with your smartphone. Wema USSD code can be used on any Nigerian service provider, Mtn, Globacom, Airtel, and Etisalat subscribers. This is service is available 24/7. This article is set to guide on how to enroll for Wema bank USSD

How to enroll for Wema bank USSD

  1. Dial *945 and send
  2. Provide the following information: account number, date of birth, new pin and confirm the pin, once the pin creation is successful, you can start ussd banking.

Wema bank ussd service codes you should know

  • Buy airtime-*945*0#
  • Change pin-*945*00#
  • Open account number-*945*1#
  • Buy airtime-*945*phone number*amount#
  • Loan-*945*65#

How to transfer money with Wema bank USSD

Making a money transfer with WEMA bank is quite simple and less time-consuming, all you simply have to do is dial *945*recipient account*amount# and send, the next step will warrant you to input your four-digit transaction pin for confirmation. You can also make a transfer with Wema bank mobile banking app, once the download is completed, open the app and register, once it is completed, follow the app sequence to make a transfer, you will also be asked to input your pin.

How to check your Wema bank balance

Save yourself the stress of going bank for balance inquiries and dial *945*5# and input your transaction pin in the next command and send, your balance will be sent to your Wema bank linked telephone number within seconds of a request. Although charges apply for every transfer or account balance function you carry out.

How to check Wema bank statement

To access your Wema bank mini and full statement, simply log into your Wema bank online banking platform to print your statement of account in PDF, Excel, or Word format. The option of sending an email to Wema bank customer care is also available, the email you use should be the one registered with Wema bank for identification.

Wema bank is renowned for its swiftness and ability to put smiles on customer’s faces, the USSD service has enabled any individual to move funds from one location to another without placing a foot in the bank reducing the risk of loss or bank stress. With Wema bank, it’s now a direct communication with your bank, just click and it’s done.


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