May 17, 2022

Gtbank account blocking and unblocking

gtbank account blocking is relevant to you as Internet fraud is not a new thing globally and has generally become an illegal way of making money. While the 21st century has witnessed a huge rise in financial theft

the fraudulent act has traced back to the late 90s where technology became more advanced. Most victims are the ones whose monetary security is poor and unsecured. Once these swindlers infiltrate your account and obtain your details, there is certainly a total withdrawal of your funds at once.

Internet banking is most susceptible, with the use of a mobile app, USSD codes, debit card, any person can transfer your funds. Before we proceed to how you can secure your account, let’s offer you an insight into the types of internet fraud we have;
1. Internet auction fraud

2.Investment schemes

3. Credit card fraud

4. Nigeria letter fraud, and business fraud.

It is imperative to know that different techniques can be used by these fraudulent people and you need to avoid divulging the following details to anyone.
1. Gtbank Credit card details

2. Your USSD authorization code

3. Your bank-linked sim card.

4. Username and password of your mobile app

5. Don’t respond to any call requesting personal details like the date of birth and a bank verification number.

If any of this above information is undisclosed to any third party, you be can rest assured that you are saved but on the advent of vulnerability like losing your phone or misplace your Gtbank ATM card, or your Gtbank information is available to a third party, according to Gtbank, simply do the following

how to block your Gtbank account

Swiftly dial *737*51**71# using any mobile number in Nigeria, immediately your account will restrict from all transactions which include transfer and debits.

How to unlock your Gtbank account

Once you are certain, your account is secured and your information like a password, username, USSD transaction is altered and approved by Gtbank, you can proceed to retrieve your account. Just follow these steps to reactivate.

1. Get a duly filled account reactivation form from the bank.

2. A recent utility bill issued within the last 2-3 months, indicating no change in your house address

3. Your valid means of identification for example. international passport, driver’s license, national ID card, or permanent voter’s card

4. Submit to the bank official in charge, and your account will be reactivated quickly.

Gtbank advises its customers to be discreet with their bank details, the bank won’t call you demanding your details and if there is an iota of suspicion, swiftly report to Gtbank.

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