May 18, 2022

heritage Bank USSD: how to Enroll for USSD, Transfer and Check Account Statement

Heritage Bank Nigeria has done it again with the presentation of its USSD, an advanced financial strategy for making each bank exchange from the solace of your home. The bank USSD service has made banking so natural.

The USSD stays the most helpful, feasible, and solid intends to move assets from one spot to ostensibly any piece of the world, no web, no pressure. You will figure out how to enlist for the legacy bank USSD code and similarly make moves. The significance of utilizing the USSD code is;

• No more bank line
• more ATM visits
• You don’t have to visit the bank to set aside installments or withdrawals.

The USSD is basically free and available to each Legacy Bank client, regardless of whether you live in metropolitan or rustic regions, there is no constraint to the Legacy Bank USSD code. You can totally do the accompanying with the *745# USSD code.

 Broadcast appointment buy for self as well as other people

 School charges installment

 Purchase family merchandise like food items from supermarkets

 pay for home conveyance

 check your record balance

 recover your bank articulation

Necessities to select for Legacy bank USSD code.

1. A cell phone

2. A phone number {Mtn, Airtel, Glo or Etisalat}

3. cheque card and  number


The most effective method to enroll for Heritage Bank  USSD code

1. dial *322#, immediately input your record number, and add the last six digits of your check card

2. acknowledge the agreements of the assistance showed on your screen.

3. input your card type and the expiry date of the check card.

4. pick the particular record you need to utilize, this applies to clients with the various Heritage Bank.

5. make a pin that will be utilized to affirm ensuing exchanges.

6. guarantee that the pin is a four-digit pin that is only known by you and effortlessly recalled.

7. you will get a notice affirming fruitful enlistment; you can continue to partake in the USSD code administration.

Instructions to make an exchange with Legacy bank USSD code

After fruitful enlistment, you can make an exchange to any bank by following the means underneath.

Dial *322*030*amount*account number# and send, input your four-digit pin in the accompanying order to affirm the exchange. You can what’s more accomplish the accompanying with the USSD code.

Self-broadcast appointment *322*amount# and four-digit pin, to buy broadcast appointment for other people, simply dial *322*amount and recipient’s phone number.

The most effective method to check account balance

Dial *322*030# with your legacy bank connected phone number and info your exchange pin

Step by step instructions to check your assertion of record

You can check your record proclamation by means of the Legacy bank versatile application, you should simply undertake to download the application from google playstore or apple Appstore and register, look to record, and demand for your e-articulation affirmation with your portable application exchange and your Legacy bank explanation of record will be accessible for download and see.

The Heritage bank’s one-of-a-kind USSD code is the best stage to be content.

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