How to Block Your Access Bank and also Unblock

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Access bank creates a code for blocking your bank account if there is a presence of fraudulent activities in your account. quickly dial this code if an ATM debit card or the mobile device used for monetary transactions is stolen. The access bank code can be used on both android, iPhone, or mobile devices that are not sophisticated like smartphones, as long as it receives a signal, you are good to go.

to be certain you are on the safe side, it’s important you never disclose certain bank  information to a third party
1. Your bank verification number.
2. Password and username used for mobile bank app login.
3. Pin for your mobile app transfer authorization.
4. Tokens.
5. Personal details like date of birth, a number linked to your Access bank account.
6. Four-digit pin used for authorizing your USSD transactions.
7. Home address and signature.

keeping your relevant access bank information will certainly nullify any unauthorized access to your funds. if you probably divulged your bank details to anyone and want to block them, this article is just for you.

How to block your Access account

1. you can simply dial *901*919# using the telephone number linked to your Access bank account, within two minutes, your account will be effectively blocked.

2. for your access bank ATM card loss, simply dial 012802500, the official customer care service.  submit your request for blocking of your account, there will be swift action by the bank to process your request. You can also block your Access bank via the mobile banking app.

How to unblock your account

While there are several ways to block your account on Access bank, unfortunately, the unblocking options are not readily available, you just have to visit the nearest Access bank to unblock your account. Visit the bank with the following information
1. A utility bill that’s within 3 months.

2. Means of identification like the international passport, national ID card.

3. Your access bank account and a bank verification number.

I hope you find this information useful and helpful. Kindly share with someone, you might be saving someone’s life savings.


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