May 17, 2022

Sterling bank: how to block your account and also unblock

Having a sterling bank account is the best way to enjoy banking and enables your swift access to money. The option to make transactions from the comfort of your home has relatively been made things so easy.

It is quite easy to reach anyone in any part of the world but also has been used it carry out illegalities like online bank fraud. It is not new that bank fraud has relatively become the normality in modern society as many bank users have been defrauded of their hard-earned salaries.

Most times the reason is well-founded, customers make mistakes by releasing their bank details to the fraudster who in turn proceed to withdraw their funds.
There are so many schemes these fraudsters use to defraud you of your sterling bank money, the best thing to do when you discover a compromise in your account

simply follow the following steps below to safeguard your funds.

How to Block your sterling bank account

Simply *822*911# block your sterling bank account, However, registration with the bank USSD service is important to perform this action.  block your ATM card also by contacting sterling bank customer care via email or online platforms.

You can equally block your sterling bank account via email at or call 014484481-5. You can also visit the nearest sterling bank to make a report and block the account.

To save yourself the trouble, keep the following details from internet fraudsters.

  1. Bank verification number
    2. Mobile app login details which include your username or password
    3. Telephone number linked to your sterling bank
    4. Sterling bank USSD four digit transaction pin
    5. Personal details like the date of birth and home address used when opening your sterling bank account
    6. Your mobile device
    7. Your account number

Once this information above is undisclosed to a third party, your account is safe but if you inadvertently release your details, then quickly proceed to block your bank account.

How to unblock your sterling bank account

To unblock your sterling bank account, quickly visit any sterling bank branch, approach the customer care desk and make your request. You have to submit some vital information which will be used to verify and unblock your account. You will also be asked some personal questions for security reasons.

Bank details you must not disclose

  1. Personal details like the date of birth on your sterling bank account
  2. home address used during account opening
  3. your Sterling bank USSD and mobile app information
  4. Also ignore any call from anyone requesting some information related to your bank.

If you can’t seem to resolve any niggling bank issues, you can visit the bank for solutions.



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