How to block your Zenith bank account and also unblock

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how to block your zenith bank account is a post designed to educate you more on how to secure your account when there is a  compromise.  you will also learn how to unblock your account once the coast is clear.

Zenith values its customer and completely understand that the comfort of her customer is the utmost priority.

Every so often customers react late to this circumstance just like in the case of Vivian, who mistakenly revealed her bank details to a fraudster who disguised as a Zenith bank customer care representative,

Within few minutes of divulging her date of birth and bank verification number, she is got a debit message of 200,000 nairas.

Significantly, these fraudsters have many device schemes that they use effortlessly to rob of your investment, and salary.

That’s why we want to explicitly educate you on how you can quickly block your account and be smarter than any fraud scam individual.

How to block your zenith bank account

If your account has been compromised or your ATM card stolen, just swiftly dial *966*911# on the telephone number registered with Zenith Bank, and Immediately, your account will be blocked. You can also contact the zenith bank customer care on 01 278 700 or via email at

If you notice an unauthorized login on your Zenith bank mobile banking app, simply dial *966*20*0# on your telephone number and follow the instructions to confirm the request.

 how you can block your ATM card

Dial *966*60# and select option 6, and proceed to block your Zenith bank ATM card.

How to unblock your Zenith bank account and ATM card

Did you block your account due to some illegal activities? Are you ready? Simply dial *966*0# on your telephone number used for alert purposes and choose the reactivation option. You can also visit the nearest zenith bank branch for reactivation. Significantly, you know that your bank details are solely for you and should never.

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