May 17, 2022

How to block your Fidelity bank account and also unblock

Fidelity bank advises customers on the importance of quickly alerting the bank when you notice any fraudulent activities with your account, You should not hesitate to take action as these fraudsters have zero emotions to display pity or remorse.

Once it comes to money, these fraudsters will go any length to defraud you of your money.

Banking with Fidelity comes with a lot of good things, and helping you protect your funds is one of them. Fidelity Bank is swift at helping you in these situations, all you simply have to do is notify the bank.

We are posting this article to teach on how to block your account or ATM card when it is compromised

How to block your Fidelity account and ATM card


follow this guide to learn how you can secure your funds

  • To block your ATM card, dial *770# from the phone number linked to your bank account
  • Select 1 for banking.
  • Move to the next slide by clicking on option 9
  • Choose 8 to block the card.
  • you should input your fidelity account number, once you perform the following instructions, your ATM card will be blocked.

You can also block your Fidelity bank account by dialing *770*911# using the phone number linked to your fidelity bank and your account will be blocked immediately.

Carry out this function only if your phone is missing or you lose your login details.

How to unblock your fidelity bank account


You can only unblock your account by contacting the Fidelity bank customer care service representative 800343-3548 or

Via email address to make a request.

 Details you must not disclose
your bank account number
Bank verification number
your mobile banking login details
USSD authorization pin
Fidelity bank got you covered and is 100% swift at protecting your bank account.



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