May 17, 2022

How to block your union bank account, ATM card and unblock


Internet fraud is rampant and fraudsters use different techniques to defraud innocent union people. They use different schemes to get your bank details and proceed to liquidate your funds. Sometimes it’s not our fault for falling into this well-crafted deception, you just have to be smarter.

Is it risky not to report your account infiltration?
you should be swift in blocking your sim card temporarily when you lose your phone because Access to your details like union bank ATM card, mobile app login details, and USSD pin is dangerous.

You can opt to block the sim card, but it is also necessary you proceed to block your account and Union bank ATM card immediately, simply do the following to block your Union bank account or ATM card with these three methods.

Sms option

“BLOCK NUBAN” to 20123

Dial option

1800222244 with your union bank registered phone number, select the card blocking option from the menu, follow that up by clicking verify card number, and promptly choose debit card block

Mobile app option

Log into your union bank mobile app or website. Open requests section displayed on the home page, select the block Atm card, input the reason for blocking the ATM card, click on block card to confirm the action

Customer care option

You can also block your account and ATM card by contacting Union bank customer care service via or call the contact center on 01 2716816 to make your request. If the information provided is confirmed to be true, your account will be blocked swiftly.

How to unblock your Union bank account or ATM card
you want to unblock your union bank ATM card or account? It’s quite simple, let’s guide you through.
1. Login into the Union Online banking app
2. Locate your account.
3. Choose the self-service option.
4. Select unblock the debit card.
5. Input your security password.
6. You will be sent a token, use it to complete your request.

You can equally unblock your union bank account by simply visiting the bank with your account number and utility bill within the 3-month duration. you can also visit the bank with means of identification like an international passport, national ID card, or driver’s license, This is solely for the validation of your Union bank.

We are sure that this post is the perfect answer to your question, but if you want to make more inquiries, you can leave a comment below and we will respond. Thanks and keep your union bank safe from a third party.








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