How to block your Wema bank account/ATM card and also unblock

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Today, we are going to explain in detail how to block your Wema account in case there is a compromise. Lost your phone or misplaced your sim card? You have got no problem at all, this article will explain in detail how you can block your account and ATM card and also unblock.

Before we proceed, it’s important to know that Wema bank is one of the reliable and accessible banks in Nigeria with top-class customer service, but no matter how perfect it is, if you expose your card or account details to a fraudster, there is a higher chance of total liquidation of your funds, so to avoid this scenario, you have to be very careful and discreet with your bank details.

Wema bank evolved and innovative as the years pass by, creating different means to make banking very easy for its customers including the introduction of the Wema online banking app and USSD service, this has brought banking to your doorstep, but it comes with scamming development from fraudsters, that’s why this post is to place you one step ahead of them and be smarter.

How to block your account
1. Simply dial *945*911#
2. Select the second option for the third party
3. Input your Wema bank linked phone number.
4. Input your USSD four-digit pin to deactivate.
How to block your Wema ATM card
1. Dial *945#
2. Choose the self-service option.
3. Follow the instructions displayed by Wema bank to block your card.

How to unblock your Wema bank account

The best option to unblock your Wema bank account or ATM card is to simply visit the nearest Wema bank branch and request for the reactivation of your account, you will be given a form by the bank, fill the information correctly and return from validation, once the bank officials verify the provided information, your account will be reactivated.


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