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How to block your Ecobank account and also unblock

How to block your Ecobank account and also unblock

Ecobank knows that cybercrime is one of the rising crimes globally, and has affected the positive impact of easy banking. Ecobank values its customer and has introduced solutions to curtail the constant bank fraud.

All you simply have to do is quickly contact the Ecobank customer care service when you notice a compromise in your bank account or ATM card.
There are some methods devised by these fraudsters that might sound true, in those situations, note that the bank will never do the following.

  • Call me from a general number starting with +234.
    • will not request your bank verification number.
    • does not ask for your USSD pin or mobile banking username and password login details
    • Personal details like the date of birth and number linked to your bank
    • Also never request for a token sent to your smartphone.

When anyone calls you demanding the details above, abruptly end the call and notify your bank. However, this article is designed to guide you on how to block your account when is a compromise

How to block your Ecobank account and ATM card
1. Quickly walk into any Ecobank branch, meet any customer care service representative and make a complaint. To ascertain if you own the account, Ecobank will demand some relevant information

  1. Simply dial *966*911# from any mobile device and press 1to confirm your request for account blocking.
    3. You can block your Ecobank ATM card via text message, simply text STP ATM, account number to 08063226265 and send. For example, STOP ATM 2323445643 TO 08063262265.

How to unblock your Ecobank account and ATM card
you can unblock your ATM card via the following.

  1. Mobile banking app: login into your Ecobank mobile banking app, click on debit card services, input your account number, select the reason for unblocking your account and confirm.
  2. Visit the bank: visit any Ecobank branch, fill the form with all the necessary information, and submit. You will be asked some questions by the customer care service, once it is validated, your account will be unblocked.
  3. via email: you can mail Ecobank requesting for ATM card or account block via

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