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How to Block Your Stanbic Ibtc Account and Also Unblock

How to Block Your Stanbic Ibtc Account and Also Unblock

Stanbic ibtc provides a secured and safe environment for anyone to carry out transactions. You can buy purchases, book flight tickets, make orders, buy groceries, see the movies, and request your account statement. But once your account is compromised by a fraudster, your funds will be stolen without authorization.

Stanbic ibtc is aware of these criminal situations and has introduced measures to curtail the influx of bank fraud internet. This article will adequately explain how you can outsmart any fraudster and secure your funds right away.

what are the details you should keep discreet?

  1. debit card details
  2. bank verification number, phone number linked to your account, and four digit pin

How to block your Stanbic ibtc account and ATM card

There are several ways you can quickly protect your funds when you suspect fraudulent activity with your account, proceed to follow the guideline before.

  1. To block your Stanbic ibtc account, simply contact the Stanbic ibtc center on 0700 909 909 909 and submit your complaints.
  2. To block your ATM card or Stanbic ibtc account, simply dial *909#, select the specific bank you intend to block, and choose the block account option to activate the blocking.
  3. Another option to block your Stanbic ibtc bank via SMS, simply text block card account number to 30909 using the number linked to your Stanbic bank account, and your account will be blocked
    How to unblock your Stanbic ibtc account

To unblock your Stanbic ibtc account, quickly visit the nearest bank to request account reactivation. You will be inquired to submit some vital information and the reason for reactivation. Once the bank clarifies and validates account ownership, your account will be restored.

It is significant you guide your Stanbic ibtc account and ATM card like egg, as a single mistake can be very costly. Internet fraudsters are relentless and won’t hesitate to withdraw the money in your account till there is nothing left. Being smarter than fraudsters is being better. guide your Stanbic ibtc account and ATM details at all time


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