May 18, 2022

How to transfer airtime and data on Airtel

Airtel has provided a smart and rewarding option of airtime and data transfer.  the options allow you to keep your family and friends connected at all times. with Airtel airtime and data transfer your beneficiaries can continue having access  to the following;

  1. unlimited data for social media engagement
  2. airtime for local and international call
  3. send SMS and even carry out USSD transfer
  4. your airtel transfer pin

NB: you can only transfer airtime and data to Airtel network users

Transferring airtime on Airtel is comparatively easy and seamless, airtel Me2U is one of the most rapid and reliable means of transferring airtime without hassle. to carry out this action, you need the following;

  1. a registered sim card
  2. any model of phone
  3. a strong network connection

Airtel provides customers the ability to show love with airtime or data transfer, and sustain communication without hitch. Are you looking for an in-depth explanation on how to get started with airtel Me2U? this is just the right place to get started.

1. Dial *432# with your airtel phone telephone number
2.Select the transfer airtime option
3. Enter the phone number you intend to send airtime.
4. Input your pin to confirm the transfer.

You can also transfer airtime via the airtel app to your loved ones and friends.

How to transfer data

Airtel rewards its new customers with double data once the sim card is activated. It means for each 100 Mb purchase you get an additional 100 Mb for internet surfing, what more can you ask for?

do more by today with airtel data and airtime when you share love to your family and friends with ease and keep the communication seamless, all you to do is simply

Dial *141*6*4# and follow the instructions to complete data transfer. With airtel, life is altogether easy.

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