May 18, 2022

How to transfer airtime and data on Glo


Airtel has introduced a wonderful way to keep your friends and family constantly connected with airtime and data transfer. With your Glo sim card, you never have to worry about being out of touch with your loved ones.

The service is simple, void of stress, and reliable to use every single time. To get started, quickly purchase a Glo sim card and follow our guide to doing more with GLO.

How to transfer airtime with your Glo line

you can Simply dial *131*recipients telephone number*airtime amount*Glo transfer code and press okay, For example, *131*08154473921*2233#.

Glo has always saved the day, giving you the means to get airtime anytime and any day, you can even borrow airtime.

How to add numbers to my transfer list

Transferring airtime to family and friends is quite seamless on Glo, but you need to firstly include friends and family telephone numbers to the list of people you intend to send data to. To add new numbers dial *127*01*family number#.

You can also remove and add new numbers later by dialing *127*02*a family or friend number# or send “remove friend or a family member number “to 127.

How to transfer data with Glo
no one wants to get disconnected from happenings in the immediate environment, by sharing data with someone, you have provided the option to enjoy;

  • Chat platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn google Hangout, etc.
  • Local and international news
  • Articles and blog posts
  • Job opportunities and social trends

To share data using your Glo telephone number, simply dial *777#, choose 1 to purchase data, then proceed with option 4 to share data. Input the recipient’s number and ensure that is it correct and a Glo telephone number and press send. You will get a message indicating a successful share of your data. You want to rule your world, choose Glo.



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