May 18, 2022

How to transfer airtime and data on Mtn

Mtn has made talking magical and enjoyable and a means to communicate with your friends and family non-stop. the biggest service provider allows you to enjoy volumes of calls from anywhere to any place in the world at little charges and without hitch.

Mtn offers a variety of services, like superior worldwide call coverage, huge data for little monetary charges, fast internet connection. You can also borrow airtime and data on Mtn, just dial *606# and talking continues.

But do you also know you can share your MTN airtime and data? This post will give you more information on how you can transfer airtime and data from your MTN line. To your family and friends.

You can transfer  airtime with ease and takes just minutes, this service is called the share N sell service. Simply follow the guide to get started.

How to transfer airtime with Mtn

Dial *777*recipients number*amount*pin# on your Mtn mobile number and press okay to send. Example *777*08123843478*200*0000# and send, you will receive  a text message once  the transfer is successful

Is important to note that, you have to change or create a 4 digit pin to authorize your airtime transfer, all you need to do is use either of these methods below to create one

  1. Send SMS using this format: default pin, new pin, and new pin to 777. Example 2345 1111 1111 to 777 and press send/okay. you will receive a confirmation message on your Mtn line as regards your share N sell pin. You can also change the Mtn share N sell pin if you forgot your pin.
  2. Another method of creating the share n sells service is dialing *600*default pin*new pin*new pin# and press okay. Example, *600*3333*0000*0000#, and okay. Once you have performed this, you can successfully deliver any amount of data to other Mtn users including your family and friends.

How to transfer data

Without Data, it is relatively challenging to get updates about happenings around the world, socialize, and get updates on the trends. You can keep your friend or a relatives connected with the data transfer.  Simply dial *131#pho0ne number*data amount# or use the message avenue to send a text like transfer 08134923445 400 to 131 and press okay. You will receive a confirmation.

Start using Mtn services today and get better


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