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How to register for access bank mobile app and online banking, check account statement

How to register for access bank mobile app and online banking, check account statement

Access bank has created seamless means to access funds from the comfort of your home without visiting the bank, with the introduction of AccessMore mobile app. You don’t have to visit the bank for withdrawals and deposits anymore, and all you need is a phone.

Access bank is one of the leading Nigerian banks, spanning across West Africa. It is certainly one of the most secure and convenient banks for performing any monetary transaction. Access bank focus on customers’ satisfaction, security of your funds, and ability to explore more.

The AccessMore mobile app and internet banking provides the avenue to perform certain actions below;

  1. Cancel cheque at any time.
    Enjoy unlimited access to money transfers to anyone.
    3. Account statement.
    4. Check your account balance.
    5. Airtime purchase.
    6. Book flight tickets.
    7. Pay for orders and groceries.

How to register for Access bank mobile app

To enjoy these features and more, all you simply need to do is register for the access bank mobile app and online banking. Registration is free and effortless. I know you are eager to find out how you can get started and do more, let’s head straight into it.

  1. Visit either android Playstore or IOS AppStore and download the AccessMore bank app.
  2. Choose the sign-up box to start registration.
  3. Select a unique user ID and password.
  4. You will be requested to create a pin with your access bank debit card or OTP sent to your phone.
  5. Once you have performed this, the mobile app registration will be complete and ready for use. If the token is not forthcoming, quickly contact the access bank contact center via 01-2702005.

How to register for access bank online banking

Access bank is laden with varieties. You can connect with the bank in so many different ways, online banking is another unique feature you can use, and to register, just do the following.

  1. On your smartphone, go to your browser and type, click on the internet banking displayed on the upper right corner of the page and continue.
  2. Kindly input your current or savings account number.
  3. An authentication message will be sent to your mobile device or Email.
  4. Input the activation code sent to your phone and proceed.
  5. Once you have inputted the code, you will be taken to the next screen, which allows. You to choose your ID, password and select a secure image.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and submit.
  7. Finally, you are ready to log in to your access bank online bank.

How to check your account statement on the mobile app


Do you know you can check your account statement via the mobile app designed by the access bank? Then follow this guideline to easily do this.

  1. You must have downloaded the app on your android or IOS device and register.
  2. Go to your account and choose the account statement.
  3. Your electronic statement will be sent to your email account registered with the access bank.

You can also access your account statement on access bank online banking by
1. Logging into online banking with your Id and password2. Locate the icon for the account statement.

  1. Choose the period you want to view.
  2. Then swiftly download the account statement. You can then view it in WORD or PDF form.

If you want to go beyond the norm and be flexible, then access bank is just for you. If it is Access bank way, then it is the right way.


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