May 18, 2022

How to register for first bank mobile app, online banking, and check account statement

First bank is established solely to provide you with everything you need to blend in with whatever the society demand. you can  make a transfer to any bank from one single spot without stepping a foot inside the bank, first bank got you covered.First bank has introduced its unique mobile banking app called FirstMonie, completely follow this guide to get started.

How to Register For First Bank Mobile App


  1. For new members, visit Playstore for android or Playstore for IOS devices and download the FirstMonie banking app
  2. Install the app and start registration by choosing a first-time user, you will request to input some information to confirm your identity.
  3. Select a two-factor authentication method by requesting verification via the app, after the code enter your two-step verification and your account is ready to transact.
  4. Accept the terms of the agreement to proceed.
  5. Create your login details like a password and username. This is the preceding step and you use the FirstMonie mobile banking app.

What you can achieve with the first bank mobile app


  1. Check your balance.
  2. Make payments for any purchases.
  3. Cancel cheque.
  4. Compile and save previous transactions.
  5. Manage your expenses and pay bills.
  6. Control your debit card.
  7. Book flight tickets.
  8. Locate the nearest first bank location.

How to register for first bank online banking


Simply visit the first bank Nigeria website and locate the registration page, complete the required fields with information like card number, card pin, and your user id, proceed to confirm the verification code displayed on your smartphone screen by retyping. You will get a notification with your first bank online banking information and the next step is to activate it, to carry out this action, simply do the below.

  1. Visit the first bank online banking platform
  2. Input the username and password created and log in.
  3. Once you have successfully login, proceed to change your password.
  4. Input a new password and submit.

The platform allows you to do the following.

  • Transfer funds immediately
  • Make complaints.
  • Pay your bills and services.
  • Get updates as regards your funds.
  • Get payday loans.
  • You can check your account statement.

How to check your account statement


Checking your account statement is one of the features available on the banking app, with just a few clicks, you get your request
Visit your first mobile banking app, click on accounts and choose all accounts, proceed by clicking on the upper right hand of the app choosing the account you desire to view your statement, click on statements, and select the duration and it will be displayed. Go ahead and download it in PDF or WORD format and view.

Get started today with the First bank mobile banking app and online banking services and enjoy maximum banking flexibility and satisfaction.

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