May 17, 2022

How to transfer airtime and data on Etisalat



Etisalat has introduced so many ways to show unflinching affection to loved ones especially the option to airtime and data transfer,  With your Etisalat sim card, you can transfer airtime and data to anyone at any time.

the Etisalat airtime and data option aid the continuation of calls, and unlimited access to data. Do you want to send airtime urgently to someone and you seem unsure on how to carry out this function with your Etisalat sim card? Worry no more, this post will direct you on how to do just that?

How to transfer airtime on Etisalat

Etisalat is one of the largest telecommunication platforms in Nigeria that provides easy access to airtime for calls. With its broadband services and connection speed, you can quickly save time and avoid stress, no need to visit any call center,

all you need is just the Etisalat sim card to get started. To make airtime transfer on Etisalat,

  • you first have to create a pin to authorize any airtime transfer, you are required to change the default pin of 0000 to a new pin
  • simply go your message and dial the following combination *247*0000*new pin# and your Etisalat pin will be changed,
  • proceed to transfer airtime by dialing *223*new pin*airtime amount*recipients number# and send, proceed by click on 1 to confirm the transfer.

An example of transfer is *223*200*09052345678 and Ensure you crosscheck the number to prove the correctness of the number

How to transfer data

You certainly know that without data, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok won’t be available to you

But you don’t want to enjoy this alone right? Why not make a data transfer to your loved ones and family who have run out of airtime. It is not difficult and with just a few clicks,

Simply dial *229*recipients number*amount of data# and send. or dial *229*08093921385*200# and input your default security pin

once you have done this, your transfer of data will be successful.

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