May 18, 2022

How to Register For UBA Mobile App, Online Banking, and Checking Of Account Statement

Uba bank is one of Nigeria’s foremost banks, astute and reliable in dispensing quality bank service to its customers, providing an escape for customers who are in dire need of money with the introduction of the mobile app and internet banking.

visiting the bank is no longer a necessity as everything you need is a good internet connection, a smartphone, and your telephone number, and the rest is magic. Are you searching for how to register for the uba mobile app and internet banking? this is just the right place to get all the information for prompt registration

How to register for UBA mobile banking app

Visit your android playstore or AppStore IOS, and download the app, proceed by choosing sign up, choose the options of.
1. Uba debit card
2. Account number + secure pass
3. Branch activation code
Proceed by inputting any of these options and choose a password and create a username and send. A confirmation message will be sent indicating successful registration.

How to register for Uba online banking

Uba internet banking is also known as Udirect is another seamless way you can transact from anywhere. It is quite distinct from the mobile app as it is not a constructed app but rather can be obtained via your browser, all you need is data and a strong network connection to get started.

1. Visit the UBA internet banking self-registration website to proceed with your registration.
2. Select the user type, individual, or if you are a corporate firm.
3. A confirmation message will be sent indicating successful registration.
4. Create your password and confirm it, ensure you can always remember it for subsequent login, and keep discreet.
5. A confirmation message indicating a successful registration will be displayed on the screen, proceed and start enjoying all you ever wanted on the platform.

How to check your account statement

Aside from checking your account balance, there are more features you can enjoy with Uba Bank and one is checking account statement.

  1. You can check your account statement via Uba mobile banking app or Uba internet banking by Login to your account via the Uba internet banking portal or the app,
  2. locate the icon for the bank statement, select the duration of the period you want to access, and download it, you can then view it anytime.

Getting the best out of yourself is what Uba bank is all about.


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