May 18, 2022

How to register with Polaris bank “Vulte” mobile app, internet banking, and account statement


Tired of the queue? Making complaints without response? Or are you trying to make a deposit for that goods and services? Relax, because Polaris bank finally has the answer to all your lingering worries with its banking application called the vulte app and internet banking service.

Polaris bank is one of the Pan-African banks that provide means of self-sustenance to customers and also professional functionalities, her focus is to create monetary freedom from the comfort of any customer’s home without stepping foot in the bank.

The bank  has evolved to meet the constant change and demands of society by introducing arguably the easiest, secure, and fast way of access to funds with internet banking and mobile banking app. I am sure you are wondering what makes this different from others. It is built to suit your insatiable needs by providing options.

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Polaris bank “Vulte” is more than a full digital bank that provides easy, fast and reliable solutions to your banking needs. It’s a lifestyle of convenience and freedom that allows you control where, when and how you bank” It makes bold to say that with vulte, you can accomplish almost all transaction types from the comfort of your domain at any given time.

  1. Make transfers from one spot to anywhere in the world.
    2. Check your account balance
    3. Monitor your money.
    4. Pay for bills
    5. Renew your DStv subscription.
    6. Account statement
    7. Access to payday and salary loans.

Guess what! Polaris app mobile app and internet banking is free, all you need to do is have a strong data connection, a smartphone, and a number and you are ready to go


How to register for the Polaris bank mobile app

It is built to suit your insatiable needs by providing options.
1. Download the  polaris bank ” Vulte”  app from your AppStore for IOS or android playstore and launch.
2. Once, it is installed, proceed to select the option Polaris mobile registration.
3. Input your number linked to your Polaris bank account and follow that up by adding your account number.
4. Provide your email address and authorization pin
5. Create your personalized password and click on register.
You will shortly be notified of successful registration, and you can proceed to carry out any transaction you want.

Please not during Vulte registration your face need to be capture so keep blinking your eyes until you are capture. and follow the on screen message to complete your registration process.

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How to register for Polaris internet banking


  1. Visit the Polaris bank website.
    2. Choose Polaris Xperience and select the option showing updated banking.
    3. Proceed by choosing a new user and start your registration
    4. Input your account number and the email address linked to the account number provided by you.

How to check your account statement


Login to the Polaris bank internet banking website using your username and password, click on the right side of the corner to obtain a statement, choose if it is a mini or full statement and download it, you can view it via PDF or WORD.

There is nothing better to get what you want conveniently and flawlessly, that is exactly what Polaris bank brings to the table. Download today and be who you have constantly demanded to be.

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