How to register for sterling bank onebank mobile app, internet banking, and check account statement


the sterling bank has introduced an easy and convenient way of banking, the one bank digital app is built to help give financial capacity to do anything you want with your money without stepping a foot inside the bank, all you need is just a smartphone, a strong internet connection, and a number and you can easily have access to whatever you always wanted.

What can you do with the sterling bank mobile app?

with sterling bank mobile app and internet platforms technology, you can do the following with just one single click
1. Buy and purchase goods and services and pay
2. Check your account balance
3. Pay for orders
4. Check your account statement.
5. Monitor your funds.
6. You will be requested to enter your account number and password which will be your internet banking ID.

How to register for sterling bank mobile banking app

registration for the app is simple and faster, follow the steps below to get started

  1. Visit your android playstore or IOS AppStore and download the application.
    2. Launch the app and wait for it to load, click on the register button to proceed.
    3. You will be requested to enter your account number and password which will be your internet banking ID.
    4. Monitor your funds.

How to register for sterling bank internet banking

Sterling is not just astute but provides you such variety to give you options from an angle, the internet banking is your every time go-to platform to carry out banking transactions with ease, it is secure, fast, and convenient, simply follow this guide below
1. Go to your browser and search for the sterling bank internet banking homepage which Click on the option of a new user and sign up.

  1. Two options will be displayed on your screen, select the option of an already sterling bank account holder which is on the left side of the site, input your account number and promptly follow the next to complete the registration.

How to check your account statement

Checking your account statement is one of the features of using sterling bank Nigeria, with just a few clicks via your mobile app and internet banking, you can access your statement within minutes, just log in to your sterling bank account and select statements displayed on the left side of the menu, select the period of statement you require and proceed to print.



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