May 18, 2022

how to register for Ecobank mobile app, internet banking and checking of account statement


Ecobank has introduced a non-complex way of accessing funds and making transfers. The Ecobank mobile app and internet banking can be used to carry out any bank transaction, you don’t have to visit the bank with large bundles of money for a deposit or stand in the queue for long hours to withdraw, just download the Ecobank and enjoy easy banking.

What is the difference between the Ecobank mobile app and internet banking?

The Ecobank mobile app is a well-designed app with all banking features to carry out transactions, it is available on the android playstore and IOS AppStore. The app can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone, with the registration super easy and seamless.

While Ecobank  internet banking is quite similar in functionality but it is different in accessing. The Ecobank internet banking does not require a download site but rather registration via your smartphone website.

What can I do with Ecobank mobile app and internet banking?

Ecobank allows you to enjoy banking in a swift, secure and convenient way, easing your stress and access to money with just a click. The platforms allow you to carry out the following bank actions;

  • You can check your account balance
  • Pay for your bills like PHCN and taxes
  • Check your account statement.
  • Transfer funds to Ecobank accounts and other banks
  • Buy airtime for yourself and others.
  • Tv subscriptions like Netflix and GOTV


How to register for the Ecobank app

You can register for Ecobank mobile app once you have a smartphone, a number, and a strong network connection. Then proceed by doing the following.

  1. Visit your smartphone Playstore or AppStore and download the Ecobank app.
  2. Proceed by selecting the country, language, and number linked to your account.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions of the Ecobank app.
  4. Tap and select debit card details
  5. Follow that up by inputting the 16 digits displayed at the front of your debit card.
  6. Add your four-digit card ATM pin in the space and submit.

Ecobank will send you an OTP to your mobile number, input it and continue with the following process.

  • You are to create your 6 digit pin and confirm it by re-entering.
  • Submit, and the app will validate it for a successful registration.

You are now equipped to enjoy all the lovely features that come with Ecobank mobile app.


How to register for internet banking

You can register for Ecobank internet banking with ease by following this simple step

  1. Visit the Ecobank online website via your browser, you can use chrome or Firefox.
  2. Select your country of choice.
  3. Proceed by starting your registration with a click on the start process.
  4. Input your ten-digit Ecobank account number and your email address to continue.
  5. Provide all necessary information requested by the Ecobank and proceed to submit.
  6. You receive a notification indicating successful registration.

Is that not a brief and easy registration process? To carry out this process, however, you need some details

 A telephone number linked to your Ecobank account

 Your Ecobank account number

 Your Ecobank debit card and email address

 Bank verification pin and full name on the Ecobank account


How to check your Ecobank account statement

One of the packages of using the Ecobank is the ability to check your account statement, it is simple and available both on the Ecobank mobile app and internet banking. To check your balance, just visit either of the Ecobank platforms and

  1. Locate the dropbox for accounts and click on that
  2. Choose statements of account and the period you wish to view
  3. Click on the download button or option to send to an email
  4. View it in Word or PDF format

Are you looking for a reliable and swift bank for transactions? Ecobank mobile app and internet banking are just for you.

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