Sterling bank specta payday loan: how to apply 

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Sterling bank payday specta loan is very easy to get, with the loan quickly disbursed to your sterling bank account within minutes of request. 

Sterling bank is one of Nigeria’s finest banks. It is renowned for its mobile app and USSD code service that allows customers to bank from anywhere, anytime.

The introduction of the loan is to support business owners build more on their projects. Sterling bank offers you varieties of loans like personal loans, household loans, and salary advances.

Individuals can also settle urgent needs and cover up expenses made  during an emergency, 

if you are seeking the best loan platform that provides you fast and secure loan, then the sterling bank is just the right one.

With your smartphone and the sterling bank, you can request a loan instantly. To access a loan with the bank, some requirements have to be met, which is important for getting funds. 

This post will provide you all the relevant information that will guide you on all processes of securing a loan.

Amount and duration loan 

For a start, you are eligible to get a loan of 10,000 to 50,000 and subsequently,

 The amount will increase to 5 million once you meet deadlines for payback. 

The bank provides you 12 monthly cycles of repayment for the convenience of applicants, you can also pay in installments till you complete your loan within the time specified.

The interest is as low as 25.5%-30%. For example, if Richard loans 50000 nairas from the sterling bank for 6 month

She will have to pay 7590 per 30 days for the next 6 month


Choosing the payday loan option comes with requirements and you need

  1. A sterling bank account 
  2. Email address linked to your bank account 
  3. BVN
  4. Means of identification like international passport, NIN, or driver’s license


You can apply for a sterling bank specta payday loan via the following steps 

  1. Visit sterling bank loan website 
  2. Select personal loan, 5 steps will be displayed in this order
  • Getting started
  • Personal information 
  • Data gathering 
  • Credit assessment 

Gently fill correctly and proceed to click on the last action which disburses the loan and you be credited in 5 minutes. 

Are you a youth corps member or does your business needs additional capital? the sterling bank is here for you.




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