Uba bank payday Loan: how to apply

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UBA bank payday loan is one of the best loans you can get from any Nigerian bankproviding you access to funds when you are broke. The loan is drafted by UBA bank to help people cover up expenses bills and urgent needs.

 You can now pay for house rent, school fees, and traveling. Uba is not just one of the best digital banks around but one of the best at ensuring customer satisfaction. 

the bank understands that some precarious situations will arise and funds will be limited, to ease your worries,

The loan option is created to give you reliable and credible access to money. Are you searching for how to apply for a loan? then this post is for you


Amount and duration

  • You are eligible to receive a loan amount of 1000 to 3 million nairas, for the first-time request, the amount is low but the loan amount will increase after payment of the previous loan.
  • Uba bank allows applicants 3 month period of repayment of the loan, spread in installment.
  •  The interest rate is as low as 10%

Necessary requirements

You must undoubtedly have a Uba bank account and a number linked to it.

Your account must have a consistent credit of N25,000- N30,000 monthly.

Absence of the outstanding loan with any other bank or lending firms

Provided these requirements are met, you can proceed to apply via these options.

1.USSD code:

  dial *919*28# with the number linked to your BVN

Input your account 10 digit account number and continue.

The loan amount you are eligible to receive will be displayed, select your preference, and continue gently.

Enter your 4 digit pin confirming the request, and the loan will be sent into your account immediately.

2. Chat:

 you can apply for a payday loan by chatting with the UBA online auto-responsive customer care LEO. You can simply do that via WhatsApp or Facebook and follow his instructions to get your Uba bank payday loan.


3.  Mobile app and internet banking

  you can quickly login into these two mobile platforms to typically apply for a loan. Ensure you have registered on either and locate the loan option, follow the instructions and the loan will be disbursed into your account.

Uba bank payday loan is readily made available to both the aged and the young, and accessible with your smartphone. You don’t need to visit the bank to enjoy these benefits, with the three steps above, getting a loan is so easy.

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