Zenith bank payday loan: how to apply

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 Zenith bank’s payday loan is providing customers the outlet to get funds for critical situations and emergencies. The platform allows you to cover up unexpected expenses within short notice. The loan is quite easy to access and fast in disbursement, provided you are eligible. Why get worried when you can easily pay for that house rent? Get started today by following our guide on how to access funds for that urgent need.

Duration for approval 

The process for approving a loan by the bank is within minutes at request, once the details provided are validated, the money will be disbursed into your account. 


You can access up to 100,000 to 5 million nairas at one request and the refund period is 3 months maximum. The bank is flexible and only charges 3% as interest for the requested loan 


Certain things have to be in place before you can be eligible to access the loan. They are important in determining if you can repay the loan and keep a good credit score. 

  1. you must have a zenith bank account for at least 1 year 
  2. your phone number must be linked to your BVN and zenith account 
  3. your salary must have been paid into your zenith account for at least 6 months
  4. no outstanding debt at any lending firm or bank 

Once these requirements are in place, you can proceed by requesting a loan with your zenith bank. 

How to apply 

Applying for a loan with zenith bank can be done using the Easybanking code *996#, but an easier method, simply to perform the following

  1. Dial *966*11# with the number linked to your BVN and zenith bank account and wait for the next command.
  2. The bank will display the loan amount available for you.
  3. Select the amount you want and the duration you will payback
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and input your 4 digit transaction pin
  5. The funds will be disbursed into your zenith bank account. 

Zenith bank’s payday loan is created to provide you solutions to unavoidable situations that require money. Zenith bank requires no collateral to grant you a loan, just the dial code to save the day.


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