Polaris bank payday loan: how to apply

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Are you stranded, and don’t have money? don’t worry, the Polaris bank payday loan option provides you the means to keep smiling and never go broke.

You are now capable of achieving your dream without ever worrying about money. Getting financial escape at any time is Polaris bank priority

Simply log into the mobile app or internet banking of the bank to start accessing funds and be unlimited.

If you are reading this post now and pondering what is a payday loan? We will subtly explain it.

It is short-term money fix hugely laden with high interest rates. It is a fund received within a short period with an intentional pay date fix which tallies with the day you receive

The amount disbursed into your account is mostly based on your monthly income. The loan is swift in processing and does not require collateral or a visit to the bank.

Accessing the loan is relatively easy and seamless, but we need to look at some vital information you need.

Amount and duration

The bank provides a minimum of N5000 to 10, 000 for a start and the maximum loan available on the payday package is 200,000 naira.

The duration of the loan is 1-3 months but It could well extend to 6 months for easy payback.


To access the funds, the following conditions need to be in place
1. Your salary must be domiciled with Polaris bank

2. You must be meaningfully employed with a reputable company.

3. Read the terms and conditions and accept them.

4. Applicants must have a bank verification number linked to their Polaris bank.

5. A phone number linked to your account number.

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How to apply

1. Dial *833*12# with your bank linked a telephone number and follow the next instruction

2. Specifically choose the amount you want and click on continue.

3. Accept terms of agreement and continue by inputting your four-digit pin.

4. Your account will be credited by the bank within minutes.

You can also request a Polaris payday loan via.

1. Calling your relationship officer and submit your relevant details to get the loan.
2. Or visit the nearest bank, meet any Polaris bank customer care representative, and request a loan.

Worry less, as Polaris bank got your back and is very open to lending you money whenever the needs arise.


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