Fidelity bank payday loan: how to apply

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Fidelity bank offers small business enterprises, individuals, companies, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to quickly resolve the situation that requires funds.

Getting a loan from the bank is also very easy. You can simply apply with your phone from the comfort of home. Fidelity makes the loan available to both the young and aged, You can access the funds once you have the fidelity account number.

Are you seeking to purchase a new laptop, revamp your vehicle, or pay house rent? fidelity is your one-stop answer to them all.

We have therefore designed this post to provide more insight on how you can apply for a fidelity bank payday loan.

Terms of usage

Applying for a loan is relatively easy most times but repayment is the point borrowers fall short which has its consequences. The terms of usage are therefore stated below.

You must not be indebted to any other lending firm and bank.

You must provide accurate information for fidelity bank to determine the amount you are liable to get.

Amount and duration

For first timer borrowers, you can only access a maximum of 10,000 nairas only, but once your credibility is proven, the bank will increase the amount. Generally, a fidelity payday loan is from 1000- to 2 million nairas.
The bank provides customers, an easy payback method, with installments of payback allowed within 2-3 months.


  1. It is expected that you have a fidelity bank account and a number linked to your account.
  2. Bank verification number linked to your bank.
  3. Your salary must have been paid into your fidelity bank account for at least 6month -1 year.

4.The bank will ascertain you are not on the report of the credit bureau for previous loan default.

  1. All basic information like house address, telephone number, etc. must be correct
    Once these basic requirements are met, you can quickly proceed to request a loan

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How to apply for a fidelity payday loan

The payday loan can be gotten with your USSD code, fidelity mobile app, and internet banking.

  1. The code for requesting a fidelity payday loan is *770*999#, simply dial the code with your number.
  2. Choose the amount you want as displayed on the screen.
  3. Input your four-digit pin for authorization and continue.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions of usage, the loan request will be sent to your fidelity bank account within minutes.

get started with a fidelity bank payday loan today.



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