Union bank payday loan: how to apply

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Union bank payday loan is all about getting the best out of you in every situation you find yourself stuck in. It provides you 50% of your salary and an easy repayment method.

The bank provides you the outlet to resolve dire financial moments, easing tension while providing the best way to stay connected with your wants.

With the loan, being broke or weary is past tense. You can now add more to your small business, purchase gifts for your loved ones and buy yourself that dream smartphone.

Union bank payday loan is designed to financially strengthen individuals to becoming a better version of themselves and a fallback plan without hesitation

Just like it is called payday, the platform allows you to loan money from a union bank with repayment due on your salary payment date.

Are you interested in getting a quick loan for household or personal fix-up? Then this post is just what you need to get started.

Amount and Duration

• Union bank provides a minimum of N15,000-20,000 and a maximum of N100,000

• The payment cycle is 30 days maximum, although there is room for payment daily in installments.


• an applicant is eligible for a loan if he or she is employed by a company, and your salary must have been in your union bank account for 3 months consecutively and have No outstanding debt in other banks.

• the possession of a union bank account, a phone number, and BVN linked to the account.

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How to apply

You can apply for the loan via the Union bank mobile app and internet banking platform. Visit the website and do the following.

1. Locate the payday loan icon and click to get started.

2. You will be taken to a drop-down of all relevant fields you must fill.

3. Start by inputting your first and last name, phone number, and account number

4. Move to the next box and input your ban verification number

5. Also add your residential address, state of origin, local government.

6. Continue by adding your E-mail address linked to your bank account.

7. Marital status, gender, and employment status and submit

8. The next dropdown will show how amount and tenor, fill them, and continue.

9. Input your transaction pin and accept the terms and conditions.

10. The union bank payday loan amount will be disbursed into your account immediately.

If you have further inquiries or questions, quickly contact us by dropping a message on the comment section and we will swiftly reply.



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