Stanbic Ibtc bank payday loan: how to apply

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Out of money? Don’t worry, you can make that purchase without hassle with a Stanbic Ibtc bank payday loan. A loan is a wonderful option devised by the Stanbic Ibtc bank to provide answers to the immediate needs of customers.

A payday loan is an instant loan product introduced by lenders to help small business owners, salary, and sometimes non-salary earners. While the loan is quite open to everyone, only individuals within the age of 18 and above are eligible.

The aim is to empower individuals with monetary solutions for emergencies, and.

The loan allows you to quickly cover expenses when money is limited or when you are broke.

Is it school fees? House rent or car maintenance? the Stanbic Ibtc bank got you your back.

Getting the loan is easy and convenient and takes just minutes to get alert. You can have access to loans from anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

Any applicant can secure the loan via the USSD, internet banking, or mobile app, simply log into any of the platforms as follow the instructions.


Applicants can access up to 5,000 nairas to 1 million at keystone bank, although the first-time request is relatively low. The loan disbursed in your account is determined by different factors like how often money comes into your account.

You also stand a chance of getting a higher number of loans once your credit score is high and your repayment is made early.

Duration of a loan

The minimum duration for loan repayment is 1 month and the maximum is 3-4 months. The bank allows payback in installments. This is to relieve you of the burden of paying the loan once.


The loan is presently only available to only Stanbic Ibtc bank account holders but some details need to be sorted. Let’s quickly go through them.

1. Possessing a Stanbic Ibtc bank account is the first requirement.

2. No outstanding loan at any other lending firm.

3. Your bank verification pin should be linked to your account.

4. Telephone number must be connected to your keystone bank.

5. An already user of all Stanbic Ibtc platforms like USSD, mobile app, and internet banking. You can then proceed to apply for the loan.

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How to apply

Before you apply, it is important to know that is quite low and it is set at 2.5% no matter the loan amount.

1. Log in to internet banking with your account number and mobile number linked to your Stanbic Ibtc bank.

2. Input your preferred loan amount.

3. Wait for the validation of your eligibility.

4. Procced to choose the date of repayment and continue.

5. Accept the terms and conditions, and your loan will be disbursed.

We are pretty sure you got all the necessary information as regards the Stanbic Ibtc payday loan. If you have further inquiries, kindly do not hesitate to drop a comment.

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