Wema bank payday loan: how to apply

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Being in a place of want and not having the means to sort it out can be frustrating
Or see what you crave for and can’t afford it, is hurting, but with wema bank payday loan, options are never closed.

With the loan, you can sort school fees, pay for your house bills, and get your loved one’s gift. The loan is a short-term fix for businesses and individuals who want to add to their capital or purchases.

The loan is only available to
Zenith offers you varieties of loan options like;
1. SME loans- a minimum of N500,000 & N2,000,000 and the duration of repayment is 12 months

2. The personal loan is a minimum of N5000-N2000,000 and the duration of payment does not exceed 6 months.

3. Structured credit facility which is N2,000,000 to N5,000,000 and the duration is 12 months

But this article is precisely on how you can quickly get a payday loan from Wema bank without difficulty.

Loan amount

Every bank has its procedures, and zenith bank has a specific limit disbursed to applicants. Since it is a quick fix, the funds are not hugely big but tailored totally with at least 60% of your income or salary

The loan amount available to first-time applicants is N1000 to N10, 000, there is an increase in the loan amount once the borrower repays early or on the scheduled payment day. The total maximum loan you can get from Wema bank is 2 million nairas.


It is important applicants know that a payday loan comes with a high rate of interest, the higher the amount, the bigger the interest.

The duration for repayment is slated for 1 month for a small loan amount while 3 months is the max for the bigger loan

The bank allows flexibility and repayment method which allows borrowers to return loans conveniently. This means that you can spread the repayment in installments, so you don’t channel all your money at once to the loan.

NB: failure to meet the deadline for repayment has serious complications. The bank will add more interest to your loan which could make it much difficult to pay up. It is best advised that you create a repayment plan and follow it through.


There are certain criteria that you must meet to access the loan by Wema bank, and they are;

1. You must have an  ALAT account and a BVN linked to the account.

2. The telephone number must be connected to your account and used for USSD.

3. Salary must be domiciled in your Wema bank account for at least 6 months.

4. No outstanding debt with the Wema bank or other banks

5. must be employed

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How to apply

Wema bank payday loan is the easiest loan to get, by simply following the steps stated in this post, you will get it ASAP.

1. download the wema bank ALAT  mobile app from playstore or AppStore

2. there will be a quick check on your account to verify if you are qualified

3. The bank will display loan amounts available, choose one and proceed by inputting your 4 digit pin

4. Accept the terms and conditions; the specified loan will be sent into your Wema account.


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