May 17, 2022

Access bank salary advance loan: how to apply

Access bank salary advance loan is one of Nigeria’s most secure and easy loan options available. The loan provides both young business owners and large-scale businesses huge sums of money to reinvest or sort out pressing financial needs.

What is a salary advance loan?

This is basically a loan a top lending firm can provide an individual who is meaningfully engaged with a company and receives a specific day’s salary.

It is the loan with a precise repayment date and deduction is done on the day an employee gets his/her salary.  Although payment must not be made from your expected salary, you can make payment with your funds.

The loan is designed to create an air of comfort for you when you require money. It is quick, convenient, and takes just a few steps to get money.

To book a loan with access bank today, we have carefully created this post to provide step by step on how you can get started.

How much am I eligible to receive?

An applicant can access up to 200% of your monthly salary minus your expenses, this means that you can access up to 5 million nairas.


• The loan requires no collateral and you can access more loan amounts once the repayment span is met.

• accessing the loan via Quickbucks App or USSD code *901*11*1#

What is the loan interest?

• The interest rate for access bank salary advance loan is slated at 1.9%, there are sub charges like management fee and credit life insurance which is 1% and 0.20% respectively

• It is important to know that you can apply as many times as possible and the interest rate does not change.


1. You must have been using the access bank for at least 3 months.

2. No outstanding loan in the bank or other banks.

3. Your bank verification number and number must be linked with your access bank account.

4. Your salary must have been paid into your account consecutively.

5. You must earn at least a minimum of N50,000 monthly.

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How to apply

You can apply via three access bank platforms, internet banking, USSD code, or mobile app. For the USSD code, simply;

1. Dial *901*11*1# with your number

2. Select your account and input the loan amount you want.

3. Choose the date of repayment and continue.

4. Input your four-digit pin and accept the term and conditions.

5. You will instantly get a credit alert on your access bank account.

The access bank payday loan is designed to provide a fast and reliable option to you for urgent needs. To get started today, follow the steps above and start the day in a bright mood.

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