UBA Salary Advance: how to apply

UBA salary advance is one of the most trusted and solid advance choices planned by one of Nigeria’s best banks.

The platform permits salary workers to access cash to figure out their critical necessities without fuss.

The loan is a little, short-term unstable credit that depends on the applicants having past finance and business records. With a salary advance,

you reimburse it either out of your next check or over a concurred time interval. It requires your boss’ authorization and a few organizations limit the conditions under which they’ll green-light an advance.

The intended interest group for their loan is company owners and staff of trustworthy organizations in the private or public area who are affirmed and acquire an after-tax yearly pay of N3million.

It additionally incorporates people whose salary has been paid through UBA for somewhere around 90 days and people who don’t have a background marked by returned checks because of deficient assets.

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UBA salary advance amount

Each applicant can access up to N10, 000 to 5 million naira. The offer increments are dependent on fulfilling the agreements expressed while applying.

UBA salary advance Repayment duration

You can repay the loan within 1-3 months duration, repayment in installments is also acceptable. The bank does not approve late payments and appreciates customers who diligently have money available in their UBA account.


The following is necessary for application and subsequent approval of your salary advance:

  1. A UBA bank account
  2. Your salary must be domiciled with the bank.
  3. The bank verification number must be linked to your account.
  4. A telephone number that can be used in contacting you.
  5. A completed application form.

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How to apply

You can apply for the salary advance by means of three choices;

  1. USSD: dial *919*28# and follow the instructions to procure the loan

2 . Internet banking/ mobile App: visit either of these platforms and log in with your user ID and password, locate the click credit option, input all necessary details. The bank will validate all                information provided and decided on the salary advance.

3. You can likewise chat with the mechanized client care staff, Leo, on WhatsApp and Facebook to demand a loan. Leo will consequently credit your account if approval of your account is right.


UBA Salary Advance 6 months for everyone who holds a UBA account for at least 6 months.


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