Union bank salary advance: how to apply

Union bank salary advance is tailored for emergencies and gives you admittance to more than half of your salary.

Is your salary domiciled with union bank? Then, at that point, you make certain en route to getting cash in any case, whenever, and anywhere.

The most astonishing part is that you get a cashback reward when the discount is done before the date of reimbursement.

A salary advance is just for any individual who is effectively working with an organization and brings home a salary.

It is safe to say that you are stressed or need a lease to pay for that house rent? The union bank salary advance is here to make all the difference with its worthwhile monetary guide.


Union bank salary advance features


1. You can access up to 50%-60% of your salary.

2. Loan duration is slated for 30 days to 365 days max

3. The minimum monthly salary must be 20,000 nairas.

4. Salary must be domiciled with fidelity bank for at least 1 month.

5. No collateral or major documentation

6. Payment in installments is accepted.

7. Salary advance is only withdrawn from your bank with your authorization.

8. The interest rate is fixed at 3.75% flat and applicable to whatever amount collected from the bank.

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The loan is accessible to all stakeholders and people with a steady salary. The bank will confirm this to be sure you can discount all together not incur genuine debts.

Nevertheless, certain criteria need to be in place to access union bank salary advance and they are;

1. You must be an active union bank account holder

2. No outstanding debt with any other bank or affiliates

3. The minimum monthly salary must be 20,000 nairas.

4. Bank verification pin and number, this is to contact you as regards the salary advance

5. A filled form of application

6. Confirmation of employment by your employee

7. Valid means of identification


How to apply

To get started with the salary union bank salary advance application, just follow these steps.

1. Simply log into any of the bank’s online platforms with your username and password, follow the instructions stated to apply.

2. You can also apply by dialing *826*41# with your number

3. Contact the customer care center at customerservice@unionbankng.com.

4. You can also visit any union bank branch, fill the loan and validation will be carried out, you will get your loan immediately.

NB: union bank salary advance is not exclusive for union bank account holders alone, other banks holders can also access the loan.

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