May 18, 2022
Suncorp mobile app, internet banking

How to register on the Suncorp mobile app, internet banking and transfer

Are you significantly looking at virtually controlling your finances from any part of the world at any time, and any day with your smartphone, then this is the right place for you.

With just few taps on the Suncorp mobile app and internet banking, you can easily check your transaction history, make instant funds transfers and more without necessarily leaving your home.

Before you can access the mobile app and internet banking, you must be an existing customer, if you are not, just simply visit the nearest bank branch and open a savings account, once completed, you can get back to it.

Suncorp bank service delivery is basically up there with best in the world, with a friendly customer care unit and a quick method of payment, what you need is simply available. Take this steps to start this exciting journey of financial comfort.

Suncorp mobile app registration

The app allows any account holder to save and also get an interest when you spend, the most amazing part of is that the bank reward you for using the app with a cashback plan when you make transactions with the app.

1. Open an account within a month
2. Get a cashback of 20$ each month when you spend from your wallet
3. And also get at least $60 back in total within 3 month duration, is that not simply stunning?

You can follow the process below to commence your registration for the mobile app.

New user

1. download the app from your app store
2. And then input the necessary details like full name, email address and post code
3. Verify your identity in the suncorp mobile app
4. Select the account activation link sent to your email address to confirm and proceed

Existing customers

1. Select the option of existing account under the ‘banking tab’
2. provide your online banking customer ID and the personalized password
3. your details will be verified and you will redirected to the homepage to log in

How to register for the online banking

To register for the internet banking, you need
• A phone number linked to your account,
• Temporary code sent as sms,
• Suncorp Account number,
• A PC or a strong smartphone with quality internet connection.

If you have these details available, continue by doing the following below

1. visit
2. accept the terms and condition and click on next
3. enter the phone number linked to the bank
4. the next boxes will show you spaces for four account numbers, input your account number in one and also your credit card details
5. add your primary and secondary email address
6. choose a password and confirm it by re-entering it

That’s is simply all you need to do, to start enjoy the product.

How to transfer

As long as you have registered on the two platforms, you can make money transfer without limit, the steps are laid out for your convenience

For the online banking
1. login to the internet banking and click on ‘transfer money’ at the left menu
2. select international money under international services, this is only applicable if you are sending outer the country.
3. wait for it to fully load and then input the security code, if you don’t have one, quickly generate one via the suncorp bank mobile app

4. input the amount you intend sending to the recipient and your pin for confirm transaction


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