May 17, 2022

Fidelity Bank mobile transfer: How to register for ussd, transfer money, Buy airtime, check account balance and Pay bills

All over the world, banks have incorporated technology to improve their banking systems making them fast and more secure for their customers. Now, customers can carry out daily transactions from their accounts at the comforts of their homes, places of work, etc. without having to visit their banks or ATM machines.

Fidelity Bank has developed a transfer USSD code to match their customer’s demands. This USSD code enables its customers to have a secure access to faster and convenient account transactions. The transfer code is *770#. It can be accessed without internet connection and allows transactions on any mobile phone through a registered phone number with the bank.



The USSD code can be enabled anytime, any day and anywhere. However, before you can be allowed to access it, you must have a Fidelity account with a recognized phone number. If you have an account already, you can then activate USSD code using the following steps:

Dial *770*00# through the phone number you used to open the bank account.

Then, enter the last 4 digits of your ATM card number.

Finally, input your 4-digit PIN to enable transactions and confirm it.

When you are finished, you will receive a message indicating that your USSD activation was successful.



Now that you have activated the USSD code, you can use it to easily transfer from your fidelity account to another fidelity account or other bank accounts.


To transfer money to same bank holders, follow these easy guidelines:

  1. Simply dial *770#.
  2. Select the ‘transfer’ option.
  3. Follow the On-Screen prompts to make your transactions to a Fidelity Account.

The moment you are through with these, a message will be sent to you notifying you that the transaction was successful.


To transfer money to another bank account, all you have to do are:

  1. Dial *770#.
  2. Select the ‘transfer’ option.
  3. Follow the On-Screen prompts to make your transactions selecting the beneficiary bank name.
  4. Input the account and amount details.
  5. Then, confirm the transaction with your 4-digits Pin.

Finally, the money will be sent and you will receive an alert the moment the beneficiary receives the money. You should also note that you must confirm your beneficiary name and account number before sending the money.



The Fidelity transfer code is not the only one that grants customers easy and convenient access of transaction. Another means is by using the bank online banking.

How to register for the fidelity bank online banking

The online banking registration process is very simple, just follow the processes below:

  1. Go online and visit the Fidelity Bank website.
  2. Click on” New account? Register here “.
  3. Type in your account number
  4. A code will be sent to the phone number linked to your bank account. Use the code to verify your account.
  5. Then, enter a username and password of your choice and your account will be set for online banking.


The Fidelity transfer USSD gives you a secure and convenient access to buy airtime for yourself and other phone numbers.

If you want to buy or recharge airtime for yourself, all you have to do is use the USSD code by dialing *700*Amount to Buy#. For example, if you want to buy a #1000 airtime on your phone, your recharge code would be *700*1000#. After this, press the ‘Send” button to buy the airtime for yourself.

Whereas, if you want to buy airtime for another phone number using your Fidelity account, the USSD code to dial is *700*Amount to Buy* Recipient’s Number#. After dialing, press the ‘Send’ button and the airtime would be sent to the recipient’s number.


There have also been times when the customers due to personal reasons feel the urgent need to reset their USSD 4-digit pin. To change your USSD pin, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, dial *770*01# from the phone number that is registered to your bank account.
  2. Input a new 4-digit pin when carrying out USSD reset and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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