Wema bank ussd: How to register, transfer money check account balance and buy airtime

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The Wema Bank Plc, one of the fastest growing commercial banks in Nigeria has developed a digital banking system which allows their customers comfortably perform transactions with the use of their mobile phones. This digital banking system is called the ‘Unstructured Supplementary Service Data’ code, it is also known as ‘USSD’. A USSD code is a communication tool that can be used to make financial transactions by simply typing a combination of digits on your mobile device.

The WEMA bank USSD code gives its users a fast and secure access to all of its banking services. With this code, you transfer money from one account to the other, buy airtime or data, check your account balance, pay your electricity bills and subscriptions among a host of others. The good part about the code is that it can be easily accessed through all networks (Glo, mtn, airtel,9mobile) on any mobile devices.

The USSD code used for WEMA Bank mobile system is ‘*945#’. However, before you can make use of it, you must have a registered wema account first. To register for a WEMA account if you have none, you can visit a WEMA branch nearest to you or you can also register on their website. Once you have the account, you can then move on to register and activate the code on your mobile device.

Note that the phone number that you used to register the account must be active because you will need it for activating your USSD code.


1. By using the phone number that is connected to your bank account, dial ‘*945#’.
2. After dialing, fill in the account number you want to make transactions from.
3. Then, follow the prompts by inputting your date of birth in the format (DD-MM-YY).
4. Input a confidential 4-digit PIN code and confirm the PIN.
5. After you have confirmed the 4 digits PIN, your account will be activated and you will be able to use the WEMA USSD services.



Now that you have registered for the WEMA Bank USSD, you can conveniently buy airtimes and data from your phone. All you have to do is:

1. Simply, dial *945# on your mobile device.
2. From the list of options, select ‘9’.
3. Follow the on-screen prompts and select self.
4. Once you are finished with the prompts, you will immediately receive your amount of airtime or data on your registered phone number.
You can also buy your airtime by simply dialing *945*amount# for example, *945*500#



To buy airtime for your friends and loved ones, the steps are that different from before. The only difference is that you must fill in the person’s phone number. You can follow these easy steps to buy airtime for others:

1. Dial *945# using your registered phone number.
2. From the available options you see, select ‘9’
3. Follow the prompts and input your recipient’s phone number.
4. Once you do this, the airtime would be sent to the person and you will receive a message stating so.

But If these are too stressful, you can simply dial *945*phone No*amount#


WEMA Bank have made cash transactions very easy and convenient for their customers. Today, to transfer money from wema bank, simply dial the USSD code alongside the account number you are transferring to with the amount e.g. (*945*account No*amount#). After this, you will be asked to input details about your recipient and your 4 digits PIN. When you are finished, wait a few minutes, your debit and account balance will be sent to you as a text message.

This code works conveniently for all transactions including Wema accounts and other banks.



There are various methods you can use to check your account balance. One method is by using the USSD code. Another way is through the bank’s mobile application. You can also visit any WEMA branch close to you or use the ATM machine for balance enquiries.

How to check your account balance by using USSD

Dial ‘*945#’ on the mobile phone number you used to open your Wema Bank account.
Select the ‘0’ option

Follow the instructions to check your account balance.
Enter your 4 digits PIN and press ‘Send’. Wait for a few minutes and an SMS containing your account balance would be sent to you.

How to check account balance using mobile application banking

Another effective way of checking your balance is by using the mobile application. To do this, you must first download the WEMA mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you are an iPhone user.

After downloading the app, you should then login with your appropriate WEMA Bank details.


How to pay for gotv, dstv and cable via wema bank ussd code

There are other services that you can get from the WEMA USSD Code and they include:
• Cable TV menu *945*10#
• DSTV *945*11# and *945*11*smartcard NO #
• GOTV *945*12# and *945*12*smartcard NO#
• Internet service menu *945*15#
• Spectranet *945*18#
• Electricity bill *945*24#



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