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How to register for Majority and transfer money

How to register for Majority and transfer money

MAJORITY money transfer  is an online peer-to-peer money transfer platform which allows individuals, businesses and companies transfer money directly to their employees, suppliers, contractors or loved ones anywhere in the world. This payment platform is designed specifically to allow you send and receive money using either your email address or mobile number.

In addition, it can be used to transfer funds from prepaid phone credits to any bank account also making it perfect for businesses to transfer payments from one bank account to another. What’s more! MAJORITY does not require any form of sign up fee, monthly subscription or even service charge. Which means you can register, send and receive money for FREE!!

Nigerians in diaspora can as well use this financial service to transfer money to their love once back home  without stress. all they need is to register and start your money transfer.

All you have to do us follow the process below to begin your registration and own an account with MAJORITY.

• How to Register for MAJORITY

1. Go to the MAJORITY official website “” and click on Get Started
2. Enter your mobile number which you want to use to register
3. A text message will be sent to your number for further instructions
4. Follow the instructions to get registered and you are good to go!
Or you can use the majority app to register by
1. Download the app.
2. Register an account with MAJORITY.
3. Confirm by scanning the image on your card (MAJORITY will do this automatically).
4. Finish registration by verifying your email and making a payment to upgrading the account to premium status for N5000 worth of credits (just $1 to $5).
5. Enjoy!

Once you are done you can log in to your account to start making transfers and receiving money from anywhere in the world.


MAJORITY is a mobile banking solution which provides a secure and private mobile banking platform that allows users send and receive money, safeguard their money online and provide ample choices for banking. The application can be used to receive and send money instantly, easier than ever before. It is easy, fast and free. To transfer money using MAJORITY please follow the steps below

1. Open or login to your MAJORITY account.
2. If you have a bank account & email address, then just enter your details.
3. To transfer money, click on ‘Menu’.
4. Then click on ‘Send’ and enter amount and email address or phone number of recipient.
5. Tap ‘Send Money Now’. Your recipient will get a notification in a few seconds, and will be able to view all details from his MAJORITY app e.g Amount, Currency etc..
6. If your recipient does not have an MAJORITY account, then prompt him/her to download and register for free by sending them a message on the app.


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