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Sendwave Money transfer How to receive and transfer money – Send money to Africa and Asia

Sendwave Money transfer How to receive and transfer money  – Send money to Africa and Asia

Sandwave is a person-to-person electronic payment system that allows you to send money without asking for credit card or bank information. There is no need to visit the bank or show your ID when transferring money. The service allows transfers between individuals with similar values by means of digital wallets.

Sandwave is one of the most secure means of transferring money, but it still only works if both parties are using sandwave. This article will help you learn how to transfer and receive money using sandwave, the steps required to register an account with sandwave, and how to go about transferring or receiving funds for your business or personal exchange.

Why use a sandwave?

There are many reasons why you might want to use this service, but they all come down to privacy, security, and convenience. Instead of transferring funds through an account that could potentially be hacked, the sender creates their own wallet on the recipient’s phone using details like email address and cell phone number.

This way it is difficult for someone else to see or have direct access to your funds and for this reason, being unable to steal or take control of your money.

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Steps on how to register an account with sandwave

To register an account with sandwave you need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid email address although no ID is required to signup. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. In order to set up your account you will need to register as a user on the site.
2. Log in with your Facebook or Google account, click the “Login” button, and then click the link “Create Account”.

3. After that you will need to provide information such as your phone number, your physical address, your name, date of birth and the password you want to use.
4. Once you’ve submitted all the required data, sandwave will send an activation code to your phone which you will need to enter.

5. After completing these steps, your registration is now complete.
6. Once you have an account you can use your new wallet on any mobile device by downloading the app on your mobile device (Android | iOS) and clicking the “Login” button on the top of your screen.
To fund this account you can perform a bank transfer at any bank by giving your phone number as reference to check if the transfer was successful or not.


How to Transfer money using sandwave

Sandwave is a service that allows you to transfer and receive money from anywhere in the world. To transfer money through Sandwave all you need is an account with a registered number and a form of identification. To send or receive money between other Sandwave users all you need is their phone number. If the person transferring the money has more than one phone, they can request that it be sent to any one of those numbers.

To transfer money using sandwave follow the steps below
1. Login to your sandwave account using either the official website or mobile application

2. Click on the ‘Transfer’ option
3. From the web browser, open the link your friend sent you that contains their wallet address.

4. In the “From:” field, enter the address that contains the money you wish to transfer
5. In the “To:” field, enter the address to which you wish to send the money as well as a brief description for your transaction.

6. Enter the amount you want to transfer.
7. Click the “SEND” button and complete the process by confirming the payment from your friend’s wallet address at “CONFIRMATION PAGE”.
8. You can track payments from your wallet page for easy tracking and monitoring of payment status using your device (desktop/mobile phone).

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How to receive money from sandwave

In order to receive money from sandwave, you will need to create an account with sandwave. If you haven’t done so, please scroll up to see how you can register and get started. Once you have an account then follow the steps below to receive money from sandwave.

1) Go to the Sandwave official website or mobile application and log into your new account.

2. Then go back to the Payments Account Management page and click on “Receive Money From A User”.

2) Click on “Get Payment Address”.
3) Select the amount of funds you would like to deposit and click “Create Payment Address”.

4) Click on “Get Payment Address” again and click on the copied sandbox address. Paste it into a message or upload a file that contains this text, or copy any other way of sending your money to us.

5) Submit your payment request. We will then send you the payment address that you should send your funds to, and your recipient will receive an alert when the payment has been received by us.
7) To claim your funds, go to the Payments Account Management page and click on “Claim Payment”.

Congrats! You will be able to use the funds you receive in any way that you want. The money is yours!


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