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WorldRemit: How to Send Money Online and receive international money transfer

WorldRemit: How to Send Money Online and receive  international money transfer

WorldRemit is a money transfer system that operates in international currencies. It allows users to send money to anyone in the world using any type of currency, at an affordable fixed exchange rate.

This system makes it easy for people without bank accounts or credit cards to send or receive money with no fees or hidden charges. Having been one of the best transfer sites, worldremit makes it possible for individuals to send up to $3000 per transaction with no maximum limit for transactions during a period of time.

How does worldremit work?

A user would first pick the recipient of their cash through an online payment interface, email address, phone number, physical address, etc. It then generates a unique WorldReMIT voucher which can be sent to anyone in the world for free within minutes incurring no transaction costs or fees on either side of the transaction.

The voucher is a coded representation of money which the recipient can redeem to make cash withdrawals from any bank or use to reload mobile phone credit.

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How to register an account with worldremit

With worldremit, you have create an account in less that 5 minutes. All you have to do is visit the worldremit official website and follow the sign up process below.

1. Click on sign up at the top corner of the website
2. Then select the country where you are from
3. Input a valid e-mail address and a strong password
4. Once you are done, click on continue and your account would be registered

You can also register using the worldremit mobile wallet app. Follow the process the below to get started

1. Go to Google Play store if you are using an Android phone or Apple Store if you are using an iPhone to download the worldremit app.
2. Then sign up using your email address and create a password and PIN code.
3. To activate your wallet, you will be asked to enter some information such as address and mobile number.
4. After that, a SIX-digit code will be sent to you via SMS to verify your mobie number and you will be required to enter these digits within 10 minutes.
5. Upload an image of a valid ID such as license, passport etc to confirm your identity.
Once all these steps are complete and worldremit has validated your identity, your wallet would be ready to go.

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How to transfer money using worldremit

After you’ve created an account, you can start transferring money using worldremit which is easy to do on their platform through its website. You can also use the worldremit mobile to perform these transactions.

1. Select the currency you want to send from
2. Choose the method you want to send
3. Enter the amount you wish to send
4. Click on continue and you would be another page where you would be asked create an account if you don’t have one.

5. If you already have an account, then select either new or existing recipient
6. Enter the recipient’s details such as full name, bank details, phone number etc.
7. Choose how you want to pay. Either through your debit/credit card, bank account, INTERAC, Klarna(Sorfot), Apple pay, iDEAL, POLI, Trustly etc.
8. Confirm the payment and click on send.

Note: Worldremit doesnt have a limit to how muxh yiu can transfer but the only limitations comes from either the country you are sending from, the country you are sending to, the payment option you selected, or the worldremit local partner transaction limit.

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How to receive money using worldremit

Once you already have an account with worldremit and have activated your wallet, then you won’t have any issue receiving and withdrawing money from worldremit. As soon as worldremit has processed the money sent to you, it would be automatically added to your wallet in the right currency.

Then you can choose to withdraw the money to either you bank account, get the money in a cash-pick location or to a mobile money account in the currency of your choice.


To withdraw your funds in the worldremit wallet app:

1. Select the currency you wish to withdraw from
2. Click on ‘Transfer’.
3. Then click on withdaw and choose your preferred payout option
4. Type in the amount you want to withdraw and click on withdraw now

Once the money has been successfully delivered, you would be notified via SMS on the phone number used to register.

Note: If you don’t have an account with worldremit and some has sent you money through the worldremit wallet, then you would be given 14 days to register. And if after 14days you still do not register, then the money would be returned back to the person who sent it.


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