Boss Revolution: How to Call, Top Up, Send Money Around the World

Boss Revolution is a personal finance app that helps you take control of your money and achieve your financial goals. You can transfer funds to other users around the globe and receive funds from them too. With the recent developments in blockchain technology we have seen more apps released with high-quality features such as this one.

The Boss Revolution team is committed to delivering all services transparently and in accordance with international standards so that sending or receiving money can be made easy and fast, while also providing peace of mind to the senders and recipients alike.

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In this article, we will be looking at how BOSS Revolution works, the steps necessary for you to register an account and also how to make good use of their services using their website.

• How Boss Revolution  works

Boss Revolution is an app that allows you to effortlessly send or receive money for free. By linking your bank account to the Boss Revolution App, you are able to transfer money online with just a few clicks. All you have to do is log in with your username, password and PIN number, enter the desired amount of pounds/dollars/euros that you want to send or receive and then confirm the transaction.

To register an account at Boss Revolution all you need is a valid email address and phone number (this will act as security). Once logged in, you can either transfer money to other users or request money from another BossResolution user. Upon registration you will receive a verification email and the first time you log in, your name and screen name will be automatically set as your username.

Your screen name will also show up as the user’s name on the site. You can view and manage all of your transactions and receive notifications on it directly from the app.

• How do I register an account with BOSS Revolution?
1. Go to the website at and click on “register”
2. Fill in your information such as Full name, e-mail address and phone number
3. Choose a username, password and also confirm your password
4. Select a security question and type in the answer.
5. Agree to the BOSS Revolution terms and conditions and click on register.


• How to transfer money using Boss Revolution

Step 1: Once you have confirmed your registration, log in with your username and password

Step 2: Choose Your Amount and Currency

On the right-hand side of the app, you will see your Wallet Balance. You can make transfers from this Wallet Balance or from an external account, such as your bank account. Choose the amount of money you want to transfer and select how you would like it to be done. If you wish to transfer directly from one external Account to another, choose “Direct Deposit”. If you wish to transfer money from your Wallet Balance to an external Account, choose “Transfer”.

Step 3: Send Money to External Account

If you are sending the money directly from the app, you should choose Direct Deposit. If you are sending money from your Wallet Balance, tap Transfer. From this point on the process should be the same either way. Enter in your payment details and select “Next” or press on the blue button that says Next. You will then enter in your security details.

Enter in your password and tap next. If you are sending the money directly to an external account, select whether you would like the app to send it or if you would like to do it yourself. Find your bank on the list of accounts, enter in your login details and security code. Also you can choose how the recipient would get the money. Either through Bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile wallet or Home delivery.

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Step 4 Confirm Your Payment for Finality
Once you have completed the transfer, your money will be transferred to the account as long as the payment has been confirmed. If you have not done so, confirm your payment from Boss Revolution if you intend to do it from a mobile, confirm the payment from your new bank account if you are sending it to a regular direct deposit. This confirms your payment and transfers your money over to Boss Revolution.

To confirm your direct deposit, follow the instructions provided to you by your bank. Once you have confirmed your payment, it takes roughly one business day for the recipient to get the money.

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• How to receive money using Boss Revolution

It’s also possible for you to receive funds using BOSS Revolution. The process is similar as it is for sending money, except that the amount of money that the recipient receives will automatically be deducted from the sender’s bank account.
Aso, If you are receiving your money through cash pickups, BOSS Revolution provides thousands of pickup location all over the world.

All you have to do is find an agent location near you and provide the agent with your photo ID and reference number for means of verification. Once all your information has been verified, you will get your money instantly.


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